Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hello World!

Ok, geekjoke there.
Anyhow, I'm unemployed and taking a break from 'the real world' so this seemed like a good idea.
Generally (at least at first) I'll be reviewing a graphic novel or compilation trade paperback twice a week (if not more).
Hopefully, there'll be that many a week worth reading ;)

Why am I only doing graphic novels and tpbs?
Because, if you already read comics ravenously, then you probably don't need my views because you'll either be able to form your own (through knowledge of the writer/artist team) but also because for those people out there who only read a couple titles, or none at all, these larger or compiled works are great ways to get into the genre(? Format?). Unlike single issues, these bound editions tend to contain an entire plotline and that makes for easy accessibility.

And, finally, because these larger works will give us a good jumping off point for discussions about comics in general.
I think that there's still a great deal to be done.

('course, there's the possibility of a guest post from time to time. Fear the GLA!)
(btw, I suck at choosing layouts and colors, so anyone who has a suggestion...)

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