Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Worlds Strongest Whiskey To Go Back Into Production

yeah...ok...if I'd had a bottle of this 2 years ago, I'd be dead now.
Or, at least, needing to hire someone to wipe my ass


Teacher has sex change

Sex Changed Teacher

This is, of course, moronic. We have a shortage of decent teachers, and this person wants to teach. According to a couple of kids, McBeth was a GOOD teacher.
Vincent Mustacchio, parent: "Why then, would she want to take that abnormality and subject that to this age of school children?"

So children shouldn't see abnormalities? Or anything that might make them confused or uncomfortable?
No teachers in wheelchairs.
No teachers with any kind of scars.
No teachers who are of any race the kids don't normally see.
God forbid, no arabic teachers. That might raise issues.
No teachers who might be perceived as gay.
No teachers who might dress too 'butch' or 'femme'

No teachers who don't look exactly like June and Ward Cleaver.


Stupid Healthy Happiness

OK, I hate salad.
I really do.
Sometimes I'll admit I get a craving for it, but usually after I've spent a week or two not eating anything remotely close to healthy.
But I hate salad.
I play with my salad to avoid eating it (I like to make little mouths out of onions)
Unfortunately, salad...veggies...are good for you.
And so I am in bondage to salad.
But no longer!!

Bolthouse Farms

The drinks and juices these guys make get me much more nutrition than my salad does.
I highly suggest the Perfectly Protein, the Berry Boost and the distressing Green Goodness. I say that last one is distressing because if I'd known what it looked like, I would never...EVER...have bought it. It is repulsive.
However, it tastes like green apples!
I have one serving of each a day.
No more salad for me!
As I've so often said...That's not food. That's what food eats!

Monday, February 27, 2006

I Eat Your Horny Flesh

I Eat Your Horny Flesh

(my webcomic)
Its coming back!! WHOOHOO!!!
There's a number of strips up there now, but it was just such a pain to produce them since I know zero about photoshop. I had to build each on manually and it took me an hour. And I'm lazy.
Add in the house buying and the move and it just plain old fell aside.
However, my friend built me a quick and easy template to handle it all so within the next day or two, it should be updated and should continue to do so at least twice a week.
Hope y'all like it!
(if you do go visit, please excuse one or two of the older items that are all messed up...I'll fix those eventually)


Sunday, February 26, 2006

MTV tries to be cool, makes you a loser

MTV Hypocrisy

I saw this last night. MTV is saying that kids should give up a day (or more) of their spring break to help out with causes they believe in.
And I am 150% for that.
If MTV really wants this to happen, don't you think they should stop running their big spring break programming?
Basically, the message is "Please, help out the world. We cool people will be over here partying"
I fucking hate MTV.
They came so close to being great.


Am I the only one who doesn't care about Don Knotts?

Honestly, people.
He was awful in everything except Mr Limpett.
And even there...
The fact is that the Andy Griffith show is crap.
I suppose that this comes down to the old "Marx Brothers" vs "Three Stooges" debate.


Jesus as a superhero

Steve Garfield has an interesting post up.
Funny, I see this as DIRECTLY relating to comics.

Jefferson's Bible


Friday, February 24, 2006


Well, this has to be a sign of the end times.
We're truely doomed.


Chickens born with a mutated gene associated with tooth development were coaxed by researchers into growing functioning teeth, according to a paper published in this week's Current Biology.

yup...we're clucked.



Spiderman in black

is tres cool. definately a black costume (though the picture is black and white)
if you click on the image, you get a bigger one.
guy on Ain't It Cool News said that you can sort of see the green goblin in the eye reflection.
surprisingly, I think I can.


Govenor Living In A Box

The Daily Show isn't real???


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trading Spouses and brain tumors

OK, so, don't get me wrong, I LOVED the episode of Trading Spouses with the religious freak
being switched with the new age woman.
I mean, this woman Marguerite is, in fact, a nut job.
No doubt about it.
Her friends, who our new age chickie had to deal with, actually seemed worse, though, in many ways.
I'm not going to go into detail about the craziness of this M, because if you care about such things you've already heard about them.
But now that I've really watched it, I'm actually worried about the woman.
I think she may be very sick.
And I don't mean in her beliefs. Thats her business and not mine.
1) at one point, she starts to smell oders that aren't there. She smells them so vividly, that she starts to wretch and vomit.
2) she turns near-homicidal at one point, screaming her lungs out at her husband (who seems as sane as she seems crazy)
3) During #2, her family acts as if they've never seen her this way.

I think she may have a tumor.
I'm really not kidding about this.
I'm pretty sure these are all symptoms of tumors.
Its terrifying.
I hope someone gets her some medical attention
Of course, this could all be due to how they cut the footage.
Or maybe I'm watching too much House

Now that I've paid more attention to the ending, I don't find it as funny.
There's something very scary and disturbing about it all.
And I feel for her family.
The eldest daughter and HER daughter were given money to move out.
I hope they use it.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

China Insane Over Animation

China Insane Over Animation

Now, I suppose that this is reasonable, in the sense that they are trying to
encourage locally developed animation (though I don't I don't see why the ban
only applies to mixed live-action/animation shows and movies).
However, I suspect that insanity may be at the heart of this ban, as seen with an earlier edict:
Chinese regulatory authorities are notoriously skittish regarding broadcast and film themes that include the supernatural or fantasy, including talking animals. "Babe" was banned on the basis that animals can't talk and some viewers would be confused.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

McDonald's getting sued

McDonald's getting sued

OK, now, I'm not completely certain either of these lawsuits have merit but...
1) the wheat thing: if you are allergic to ANYTHING, should you be eating at McDs in the first place?
2) The dairy thing. Sure. Sue away. Show me damages. C'mon, vegan. Once again, they should have been up front, but I seriously doubt Ms Sugich spent much time agonizing over the revelation.

Restaurants (not just fast food joints) should be and have to be upfront with everything about their food. But part of me feels like, if you walk into a fast food restaurant, and you are in any way health-or-diet conscious, aren't you looking for trouble?





You want your camera? Come get it.

Camera Unlost But Not Quite Found

See, we wonder why our kids grow up without morals.
We'd rather blame video games.
We'd rather blame TV.
We'd rather blame the music.
But no.
Its because we teach them this crap.
We'd rather teach them its OK to steal and lie.
And then we wonder why they steal and lie and go into rages about the media and the schools.


I am unfunny

That show...The War At Home...has rendered me unfunny.
I mean, completely.
There are zero laughs in me.
I laugh, I still like jokes and wit...but I find myself unable to generate humor.
This is bad.
This is very bad.
Psych warfare?


Crucify Myself

Sure, crucifixtion sounds good

The Scottish TV presenter and journalist Dominik Diamond is considering undergoing physical crucifixion as part of a controversial television documentary about Christianity.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think there's alot to be said for journeying physically as a response to journeying spiritually.
(actually, I thought the whole point of Christ's cricufixtion was to make sure we didn't suffer?)
However, one can go too far. I suppose this would be alot like a evolutionary biologist trying to live underwater to discover about his genetic past.
I'm assumign that Mr. Diamond is just putting on a show with this statement. Which to me undermines the profound nature of what he claims to be doing.
Either that or he's a whack job.
I wonder if Tori Amos will be watching.



I heard something on NPR this weekend about rising infectious diseases and how that might change our lives.
Surprisingly, it wasn't about how, y'know, getting infections and dying might change our lives.
The guest talked about how we'd have to consider if we wanted to go swimming in a particular pond, for example. Apparently, when he was growing up, his parents kept him from swimming for fear of polio.
And, certainly, I'd agree with him. We are so used to getting sick, getting some medicine, and getting better that we are unprepared for dealing with preventing sickness. Doctors, for example, recommend a fairly annoying process for washing your hands in a public bathroom:
1) wash your hands for 30 seconds (longer than you think it is)
2) do not turn the water off
3) take a paper towel and dry your hands thoroughly.
4) keep the towel, and use it to turn off the water
5) keep the towel, and use it to open the door to leave.

I have no idea what to do with the towel then.
And I can't imagine anyone cares.

What I was thinking, though, was that we'll have to develop different attitudes towards medical care.
If serious diseases are on the rise, does it not follow that, sometimes, decisions will have to be made regarding who gets what care?
Eventually, we'll have to start weighing costs and benefits as resources become more strained. Should 15 'units of healthcare' be spent on a person who probably won't live or should 15 people with decent chances of recovery each get 1 unit?
If there's ever another flu pandemic, this will almost certainly become an issue.
50 million people, in 1918.
50 million people and now we are even closer together.
And now we transmit much faster.
What will it take?


Comics Review: Kid Eternity by Grant Morrison

The problem is that I wanted to like Kid Eternity.
I really did.
I read it when it first came out in 1991.
Hell, I even had a comic with an original Kid Eternity story in it.
So I wanted to like this.
The art by Duncan Fegredo reminds me of Dave McKean. The story was written by Grant Morrison.
So I wanted to like this.
It talks about Big Things, Primal Things.
Well, you get the point.
The story follows Kid Eternity, an ancient, minor-at-best character as he discovers who and what his purpose really is. It follows a comedian as he discovers his role in the bigger picture It talks about the coming change as heaven and hell ascend, with humanity, to the great oneness.
The problem is that I didn't like it.
It was disjointed and confusing.
The art, though beautiful and expressive, didn't convey a narrative.
The story, though it tried hard enough, was choppy at best.
And I know I liked it when I first read.
But that was a great time for comics.
DC was taking every chance, every risk, because they were still getting crushed by the X-titles.
This was part of a wave of books that just went into the realm of the weird, laying the Vertigo groundwork.
Sandman, Animal Man (also by Morrison), Swamp Thing, Shade, The Changing Man.
They talked about the foundations of the universe, about heaven and hell, the nature of reality and who we are.
It was a time of learning and trying things and just going insane.
And, for the most part, it worked. K-E was just not part of 'the most part'.
And that’s OK.
Breaking format is always dangerous, especially when sales are measured month by month.
The failures are to be expected.
Hell, they are to be encouraged!
Failures like this are the result of trying something new. And that’s a good thing.
It means things are growing and changing and I love that.
DC took a lot from that era, though it also left a lot behind, and part of that was an understanding of their own universe.
They keep that in the background, and it pops up randomly, especially with their magic characters.
But even the more 'mainstream' characters grew from it.
Heroes became expressions of the forces of nature; the red, the green, speed.
They became archetypes, neither the first nor the last ones of their line.
You couldn't have had Kingdom Comewithout that sense of God-ness.
Not in my opinion.



Sorry its been a dead weekend. Just one of those things.
Productivity should go up today and tonight.
Stay with me folks.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Scanner Darkly

Oh my god.
Oh my god.
ok, ok, pull it together.
First, go read the damn book.
Now, I am completely unsure if this will end up being a good movie.
I really hope it does, though.
The fact is, its a phenomenal book, and I'd love to see the movie do it well, for that reason alone.
However, and, imho, more importantly, I'd like to see this succeed because I'd really REALLY love to see more of this style of animation (if you can call it that). It is absolutely gorgeous, and I shudder to think of this SFX posibilities.
A Scanner Darkly

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The War At Home

So there's this show on Fox.
The War At Home...
You know how sometimes a show is so bad its good?
Or, sometimes a show is really bad, but its at least cliche so you can understand the humor? I mean, sort of like the "I've got two dates at the same time" gag, or "overhearing a conversation and misinterpreting everything" plot?
This show misses even that.
I mean it is a comedic deadzone.
Imagine a black hole of comedy.
I've watched open heart surgery on the Discover Channel that was funnier than this.
I love animals, but I think watching a small kangaroo being bludgeoned to death would get more laughs.
Alternately, watching a kangaroo bludgeon a hunter to death would be MUCH funnier.
Even the laugh track hates it.
It is actually PAINFUL to watch.
I may chew glass just to get it out of my mind.
I'm worried it may suck all the funny out of me.
Even now I am getting less funny.
Look at this post!
No funny at all!
And kangaroos are ALWAYS funny!


Strange Attractors

When you read a lot of comics, particularly, I think, a lot of the collected editions, you sometimes stumble across strange parallels.
I found something shared between the improbable pairing of Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel and Union Jack

I'll be talking about that in the next couple of days.
Tomorrow, however, I'll be writing up something on Kid Eternity


Comics Review: Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel

Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel

Creature Tech begins in a warehouse. Think of the final scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Hundreds upon hundreds of crates. All our hero scientist has to do is analyze what's contained in each one. Of course, a villainous ghost returns from the dead, takes on new life thanks to the Shroud Of Turin, and runs riot over the town in hopes of regaining his lost glory.

Creature Tech begins with a little boy and his faith in God. He leaves that faith for the study of the natural world, to follow in the foot prints of his father, who had been a scientist, but is now a Pastor.

Creature Tech begins with a man running away from home, only to return to start a new life.

For all that, Creature Tech is also amazingly funny.
While fighting the previously mentioned ghost, our hero, mortally wounded, becomes bonded to a large symbiote. The creature saves his life, and grants him strength and skills he never had. He also falls in love with a slightly deformed girl.
Of course.
The weirdness runs amuck.
Witness: The trigger-happy giant praying mantis bodyguard; The caretaker of the museum of the weird; A villain so amazingly insane that he's as funny as he is evil; And a poor, jealous cat demon. Oh, and don't forget the red neck hunters who befriend the

Here's some one liners:
- Feel the fury of Oneida!
- I'm covered in demonic cat pee!
- Now you're full WallMarts, like us!
- Of all the space eels I resurrect, I get a retarded one

Did I forget to mention the giant space eels?

Doug's art is also wonderful. Expressive and comical, it also has very real moments of tenderness. There's a moment with a girl holding onto our hero that is just pure love.

One of the things I love about this story is that it takes the rather blatant Christianity and finds its deeper, archetypal meanings. Sacrifice, brotherhood, joining with the All-Encompassing, and the Godhead in everyone.

But the beauty of this story, which takes on a tone of a spiritual quest, is its completeness. While more stories could certainly be written about Creature Tech, they'd be slightly pointless asides. Our hero has completed his journey and found his truth.
Why go from there?


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Coming Tomorrow

(getting back on point here)
Coming tomorrow: Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel
Cats, Giant Eels, and Jesus!


for those of you who don't missed my point

Protesting good. Its an exercise of your human rights to free speech.
Violence bad. That is not acceptable and violates others rights.
its that simple.
Please feel free to continue missing my point, if that what makes you happy.
You only contribute to the problem you complain about.


Comic reviews

I will be back later today with reviews of various Trade Paperback comics.


Death toll increases

11 more die over a drawing

Yes, I am certain that this is how God would want us all to die. God made us to kill and be killed because of pictures. How very holy. How very respectful of life. How peaceful.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Good Eats

Over the past few years, I've become addicted to food shows.
Mostly the simple stuff.
Once you get beyond that, you tend to wander into food porn and that's just disturbing.
Anyhow, my absolute favorite is

Good Eats
hosted by Alton Brown.
It seems there are a lot of shows, like, say, that one with the loud BAM guy, who aren't really showing you how to make anything. Its all about food-envy for them. They want to show you how good the food they make is, but really only give you a vague idea of how to make it yourself.
That's cool. It's entertaining. Just not functional.
Then there's the shows that tell you how to make the various dishes, step by step, but you end up having all this rote information, but no understanding.
Good Eats, however, teaches you not only how to make fantastic food, and how to make everyday food fantastic, BUT you learn about cooking itself. I now know what an emulsion is, for example, and why it is useful and how I can really screw it up.

I am learning about food.
I can actually improvise in the kitchen. I know how to by produce (sometimes) and meat (sometimes).
Its sort of like cooking school compared to a cookbook.


Whedon vs Ellis. Who is the catcher?



When you are done with pride

This is the greatest recipe of all time.
Its like, someone was sitting around and said...
Nope, I really don't want anything to do with self-esteem, anymore.
Nope, not so much.
I truly, deeply, madly, want to be white trash.
Thank you God.
(what really makes it for me is the use of corn flakes)
---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.02

Categories: Main dish
Yield: 8 servings

1 pk Frozen french fry potatoes,
-thawed (20 oz)
2 c Shredded Cheddar cheese
2 c Sour cream
1 cn Condensed cream of chicken
-soup (10 3/4 oz)
1 cn SPAM Luncheon Meat, cubed
-(12 oz)
1/2 c Chopped red bell pepper
1/2 c Chopped green onion
1/2 c Finely crushed corn flakes

Heat oven to 350'F. In large bowl, combine potatoes, cheese, sour
cream, and soup. Stir in SPAM, bell pepper, and green onion. Spoon
into 13x9" baking dish. Sprinkle with crushed flakes. Bake 30-40
minutes or until thoroughly heated.

Please note, eating this means you don't get to live past 63.
Thanks, Recipe Source!



Bigger...Stronger...Able To Defeat Snakes On A Plane???


Cleric Plans A Murder

Cleric Offers Bounty On Cartoonist
Where I come from, trying to hire an assassin is a crime.
But I guess that doesn't apply everywhere.
We ought to start doing that. I mean, really.
Why shouldn't we start a fund to get the cartoonist the money he needs to put a bounty on the head of the Cleric?
(thanks to Liberty Bell for the heads up)


Snakes On A Plane II

Ah yes, the long lineage of films about animals in wildly inappropriate places stretching back to Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
With luck, this will continue.
Well I'm imagining that, much like in Deep Blue Sea, Sam is gonna get chomped by a shark without warning right when they disembark.
The franchise goes from there and expands.

Snakes On A Plane II: Shark On A Tarmac
Snakes On A Plane III: Turtles On An Overpass
Snakes On A Plane IV: Snakes On A Plane: Frequent Fliers
Snakes On A Plane V: Ostrich On A Subway
Snakes On A Plane VI: Elephant On A Glacier
Snakes On A Plane VII: Goose On A Dolphin
Snakes On A Plane VIII: Snakes On A Plane: The Voyage Home

And don't even get me going on Snakes On A Plane: The Series!!!



Excerpt from an interview with Samuel L. Jackson from Collider.com:
Beaks: One of those films that you'’re working on right now is well, it's called Pacific Air 121
Jackson: Snakes on a Plane, man!
Beaks: Exactly.
Jackson: We'’re totally changing that back. That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title.
Beaks: Snakes on a Plane! That'’s everything!

and my favorite strip:
Snakes On A Mutha-Fuckin' Plane from Overcompensating at wigu.com

I'm frickin' dying for my t-shirt


Scott Stapp Porn

You will soon be able to buy Scott Stapp doing some holy fucking

I dunno...this really seems to go against the creed of, well, Creed.
Maybe thats why they broke up?
I remember hearing an interview with Stapp once where he talked about how being in the band
was getting out of control. He said something like "We were doing shots of Jagermeister before every
Oh, Scott.
You've completely lost control.



Farmer/stoner, whats the difference?

Pot is a massive crop!


Artist wanted

BTW, I am also looking for an artist to assist on either a webcomic or standard comic book. I have a fair share of ideas, but, of course, I draw like a blind paraplegic.


Black Bunny Women Are So Damn Sexy!!!

I'm telling you, I'm sitting here right now, hard as a rock, as I think of this woman. Moreso, of how difficult it would be to get her out of that.
Of course, who really needs to do that?
I, personally, am only interested in dry-humping.
Yes, my pretty black-bunny-woman, you WILL be mine!
Beat me with your big meatball hands!
Whap me till I beg with your giant balloon ears!

(thanks to Boing Boing who stole it from Style.com)


chappaquiddick vs cheney



Pen, Sword, Death

Pen Vs. Sword
and on that list, we should not forget that over 12 people have lost their lives in this.
Exactly how many of those, I wonder, would have gone to these events if they knew they might die.
Islam has to learn that while they can protest, scream, yell, all those things, the world does NOT
belong to them. The world does NOT follow their rules.
I have done everything in my power to be understanding and culturally sensitive and all that.
I really have.
Fuck, I'm a frickin' liberal, for god's sake!
But the fact is that the people involved in this chaos are behaving like spoiled children.
I remember being, say, 6 or 7 and running home to mom to tell on my friend Donny cause he was doing something I wasn't allowed to do. It was explained to me that just because I wasn't allowed doesn't mean that Donny isn't allowed.
I had a fit, I believe.
Which is fine.
I was 6.
When you are 6, its appropriate to have little nutties when you don't get things
your way, when the world doesn't act like you want it to.
I was 6.
If I acted that way now, no one would put up with it. Not for one second.
And thats where some section of the Muslim world is today.
And the lesson has to be taught.
If we fail to stand strong, only bad will come of it.
If they want to be treated like adults in the international community, they must stop
behaving like children.

When they put Germany back together, I was apprehensive.
Germany is 2 for 2 in starting world wars.
I suggested that they cover the entire country in a giant quartz globe, and have colored spotlights randomly follow people. Keep them from getting enough sleep, and you keep them from organizing.
Part of me thinks that might be a good idea here.
I am very quickly losing my faith that we will ever resolve this, that we will ever live in peace with the Muslim world so long as we are on the same planet.

Keep the cartoon in print and online as much as possible.
Sooner or later, they will learn that having a temper tantrum does not get you your way.
We MUST draw a line.


Texas Hold'em Sends You To Jail

Online Poker May Become Illegal
Then I'd best get good and rich now.



Rest easy, true believers
(ok, that was totally cross-publisher, but take it, bitch)

At Harvard's Hasty Pudding ceremonies, Halle Berry had to write "I will not make CATWOMAN II" on a chalkboard four times in order to earn her pudding pot as Harvard's Hasty Pudding woman of the year.
The actress also "shook her hips in a comic faux dance competition to prove her superpower skills and to jokingly test her abilities as an action star."
Berry, said she takes her award "very seriously" and will place it right next to (her) Oscar."
She will next been seen as Storm in X-3 on May 26th.


A Rip Smash BAM Day!

Today, on a very special episode of Mom's Basement...
This weekend
After all the waiting...
all the anticipation...
all the bed-wetting...
Is comic-book-store weekend!!!!
and its a three day weekend too!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What Would Jesus Do

Stapp and Kid Rock Sex Video??

that's not very Christian!
Then again, neither is this
Honeymoon Driving



Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib
So one of the questions that's been going around is
"Why are they showing these things? Why not show the good stuff that's going on?"
Because, you asses, when you have people being tortured by American soldiers, you HAVE to do something.
Its become apparent in the U.S. that nothing gets done if the public doesn't know about it (and, really, it
seems that little gets done even if the public DOES know about it).
While I appreciate that the men and women of the armed forces are over there doing their jobs for us, doing
what we sent them to do (and yes, I didn't vote for Bush, and I'm against this war, but soldiers do their job
for us by obeying orders), the fact is that when they help someone in Iraq, that's called doing the job.
When they torture someone, that's called a crime.
A monstrosity.

that's it.
Right there.
(I am reminded of the fact that Ted Kennedy did a horrible thing decades ago...but thats what he is known for. No matter what he does, he will always be at that moment on the bridge)

The other question is "Why show these and not the Mohammed cartoon?"
Because of dollars.
Its our own damn fault.
Showing the cartoon does nothing for ratings. Just riots.
Showing this...well...its sad but true.






I'm so happy I could plotz!!


Mormons aren't Hebrews

Mormons face science in their faith

Now, don't get me wrong.
Faith is faith, and it isn't something that can be really destroyed by science. They simply aren't the same language.
Unless you get specific.
Then you run into problems.
A gross example would be me saying I could heal people, and those people still die, no matter what I do. Observation (a key ingredient in science) shows us the dead bodies.
However, no amount of science is ever going to disprove God, in general.
But here we have something very close to my example.
The Mormons are saying that Native Americans are descended from a tribe of Israel, when science can show they are not. That does not disprove at all the general faith, just the specifics of its implementation here.


Developer needed (Java, probably)

If anyone out there is a developer (or knows a developer) with experience in file sharing, internet, things like that (so probably Java or .Net), I'd very much like to talk with you about a project. Honestly, I think it could make a pretty decent amount of money and really add to the internet and how it is used (aka: lots of people would suddenly have a very real way of making money, and our product/service would get a cut).


Battlestar Galactica : Sacrifice

This show simply won't relent.
And its been a rough couple weeks for our not-quite-suicidal-but-not-all-that-thrilled-to-be-alive Apollo.
Of course, its been rough for Starbuck too, but she's been frickin' whiney about it and, as I mentioned, I'm done with that.
That said (please note, I am NOT mentioning the ending of this episode), I really...REALLY...need something to be done about Ellen Tigh. She is, without doubt, the most evil woman I've seen in a long time. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. I don't know which I'm hoping for; that she's a cylon or that she's human. I think her being human is more disturbing.

I have to say that I'm more than a little disappointed with how they resolved the president's illness (in an earlier episode).
My friend at work and I were talking and I made two points:
1) The Book of Pythia speaks of a leader who is to guide the fleet to Earth, and yet not ever enter it themselves, is supposed to be dying of a wasting disease. The president no longer is. What does her recovery mean in terms of her place in that prophecy?
2) It does leave her open to the plot hook of now being part cylon
3) A much cooler way to 'cure' the president would have been for her to need regular injections from the fetus/child. That would have had huge moral implications while also making the relationship with the cylon Sharon more and more complicated.


Funny statistic

A long time ago, I used a site called MyHQ to manage my bookmarks.
Actually, its a great site. Small, simple, does exactly what you need it to do. Hasn't been updated since something like 2001. But work it does.
Anyhow, Sitetracker was reporting some referrals from there.
Not surprising. My brother still uses it.
But today, the numbers started creeping up.
At last check, according to the sitetracker report, they were up over 100 for MyHQ.
Now thats just silly.
A quick review of the raw logs showed it was more like 4.
Needless to say, I was a bit annoyed. And now I doubt all their numbers.
We'll see if sitemeter does any better.


R.I.P G'Kar

G'Kar is dead


Life is a video game

I knew I'd played this game before


Prostitutes, and moral leadership

It would appear that prostitutes are the new moral leaders of our country.
That should piss off some conservatives.
Sex workers call for boycott of 'Grand Theft Auto'
Actually, I approve of prostitution.
But this would be great dinner conversation.

Billy: Mommy, I want Grand Theft Auto III!
Mommy: No Billy, you can't have it.
Billy: Why not????
Mommy: The whores say its bad.
Billy: Why did you say it was bad?
Mommy: I didn't say that. The whores did.
Billy: Yes you did! Daddy calls you a whore all the time!




NOW we're in the 21st Century!
I'm gonna go jack the Jetsons.


Why did Cheney wait 14 Hours?

This might be the reason

It is fairly common for people involved in alcohol-related accidents to delay reporting them until the alcohol has left the body...We do know that Cheney had two drunk driving convictions when he was in his early 20s


Space Elevator

Space Elevator?
Why am I reminded of The Simpsons?



RIAA tries to REALLY screw you
Basically, the RIAA is saying that ripping music from a CD to your iPod isn't 'fair use'. Moreso, they are saying that backing up a CD isn't 'fair use'.
Of course, they said the exact opposite before.
Obviously, the 'backing up' issue is bullshit (technical term).
The software industry has always claimed that backing up your software was 'fair use', for obvious reasons. In what way is software different than music?


What's Up? For News junkies

This is a nifty little flash page for news junkies.

What's Up


Mohammed...or Muhammed

See, I knew I wasn't the first to come up with the idea
Face Of Muhammed
The cartoons are here.

(I wish I could get flickr to do what I want...but this is the best I have figured out on the right)
By the way, if anyone else has any Mohammed cartoons, I'm happy to post them.
I am hugely sick of this whole thing.
Maybe the newspapers were foolish and insensitive to post the cartoons originally, but...
Freedom is based on the ability to express.
And offend.


Mohammed Cartoon

Originally uploaded by jhandloff.
I will be doing my best to have this picture on my page at all times.


Mohammed Wins! Wait...What???

Violent Extremists Conquer Media

That said...we have the perfect medium here to make a stand on this. I am sure I am not the first to suggest this, but what if we all started having said cartoon on our blogs until further notice?
ZombieTime has an archive of various images to use.
I'll be posting something later tonight, I have no idea how to get blogger to do this, so I assume my image will have to be hosted elsewhere. Maybe I'll set up a flickr account.
As I said, I'm sure that this isn't a new idea...but spread it around.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt

You've got to be kidding me. I refuse to believe this. I refuse to believe that so many people in congress are pathetic.
but, somehow, I know it's true.

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt


United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger

ok, well, so you are telling us there's something you can't tell us about?

United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger


Battlestar Galactica : Scar

I did NOT like this episode.
It felt very contrived, and I'm more than a little tired of the whiney Starbuck.
I do understand the point of doing this.
Especially after the Black Market episode (this parallels nicely).
But I can't help but feel that the writers found themselves with a starting point, and ending point, and no real clue how to get from one to the other.
However, I think/hope they are done now and we can move on.
(btw, did they do something to Katee Sackhoff's hair?)

(btw, I've yet to see any reason why Billy can't become the moral center of the show)


Scientology : my favorite thing in the world

Actually, explaining to people what the core beliefs of Scientology actually are is one of my favorite things to do.
They always assume that I'm making it up.
They always laugh.
What I wonder, though, is are these beliefs any stranger than the more common belief that a Supreme, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Eternal Being created all of existence and sent his 'Son' down in mortal form to guide us to a lifestyle that will place us, when dead, into a never-ending paradise?
Honestly, I think Scientology passes the Ockam's Razor test.
It really doesn't postulate anything all that different than what we've already experienced. Certainly not anything as different as God.
Of course, most churches don't charge for wisdom to save your soul.
At least not as much.
At least not blatantly.


Its video games, not parents...of course.

Well, this is just insane.
Violent games bill goes to House

Hogue said the bill would generally apply to vendors, but could also have an impact on "perpetrators trying to influence a minor." In both cases, prosecutors would have to prove the defendants "knowingly and intentionally" provided the material.

So, if a parent were to give, say, GTA3 to their kid, they could be charged?
This is, of course, just another attempt to shift blame from parents to, well, anyone else.
I grew up with violent TV shows.
I grew up with violent movies.
I grew up with violent toys.
I grew up with violent games.
I turned out fine.
Because my parents, who each worked full-time, made sure I knew right from wrong.
Because my parents, if they saw me taking an unhealthy interest in violence, would have done something.
Because my parents spent time with me and talked with me.
And our relationship was far from perfect.
But, of course, that was in an era of responsibility.
An era when kids ran and played and even, if you can believe it, biked without a helmet and
four pounds of padding.
Much has changed in my 36 years.


IT Manifesto

IT Manifesto



OK, this is an interesting site that helps you find blogs similar to ones you like.
I love the idea, but I think the site itself, the explanation of how it is used, etc. really needs some editting. Also, I think it may be a little buggy, but that may be a documentation issue. And, it is still in beta.
However, it includes code to put in your blog to show lists of related blogs which you can now see on the right. Its not perfect, but since it based on information added by users, it should get better and better. It does seem to have a tendency towards uk blogs, though.
It seems like so much of whats going on right now is an attempt to make the blogosphere more like a news-stand.
It'll get more interesting the more immersive the web becomes, the more graphical. More visual.


I was running out of nightmare material...thanks spiders

great...just great...



Evolution To Be Criticized

This is, conceptually, a good idea. Sciences grow by being looked at critically.
Evolution is a pretty advanced science. Is real, technical criticism going to be possible at these grades? Maybe. Are they going to actually spend the time teaching the kids enough about evolution for them to find the aspects that should be challenged? I doubt it. Will they teach the entire history and scientific process that brought evolution to where it is now? I doubt that too.
Evolution isn't something you take a single college class on and fully understand.
And its definitely not something you spend two weeks studying in high school biology and fully understand.
I do believe that students should be encouraged to challenge the ideas put forth in any scientific theory. But the teachers have to know how to respond, and the kids have to be given enough information to ask the intelligent question.
I have to wonder...
Exactly how much time are people spending on evolution in biology classes these days? I mean, jeez!
Oh, btw, they should also be questioning the theory of gravity.
We still don't fully understand how that works.

(thanks to Whatever for the heads up)



My hair began to move in response to the particle emissions, dancing the electric dance I'd lived for my whole life.
Children screaming with dogs that guided them through mazes of poison chocolate while telling stories of the wolves they used to be.
Mommy called the night before complaining that her tumors were talking again and then she hung up, saying that she couldn't hear me above the racket.
So I lost myself.
Beautiful palm trees swaying in purple breezes tickled my cheeks and whispered. The boy next door smiled at me with photomosaic teeth and wandering eyes.
His erection was huge.

Cervantes was at the workdesk, reverse-engineering the toys he'd stolen, in hopes of reverse-reverse-engineering them into something whole, composite, more. Backwards gestalt. I laughed at the dinosaur struggling under his sonic screwdriver. The dinosaur screamed as well.
The man came up from behind me, touch-tablet in hand. He placed my palm on the device to certify my presence. To open the door to the battle. I hefted my axe for a minute, its weight sure and confident. The chrome-concrete barrier would not hold against the horde.
My job was slowly killing me. Hooked into the distributed processing system with four dozen others, my mental resources collected for the analyzing of video picked up and compiled from every imaginable source across the globe, looking for tell-tale signs of whatever our clients wanted. Looking for causes and effects. Watching for the patterns to emerge.
So I lost myself.
Her skin was a perfect white. The eyes the color of elephant tusks grown to massive sizes, used for entry-way decorations and for mounting on improvised combat vehicles. She was perfect. She stood above me as I took three steps to the left, and slit open the darkness with precision I previously could only dream about.
She would never leave me.
I would be the hand.

Tom Cruise And His Thetan

What the fuck happened to Tom Cruise?
Didn't he used to be sane?
Didn't he used to seem likeable?
I mean, not a whole lot of shit got thrown his way, relative to other stars, except the whole 'gay' thing.
From the Wikipedia entry on thetans:
Thus, according to Scientology doctrine, the spirit exists whether operating a human body or not. A good deal of Scientology doctrine points toward rehabilitating the human spirit to achieve this degree of freedom. If an individual can operate with or without a body then the term "operating thetan" would apply as it does when an individual is operating a body. This special situation is addressed in the operating thetan levels of the Church of Scientology.

Maybe the Scientologists have it wrong. Maybe the thetan (or spirit) needs the body and as Tom gets higher and higher in the OT scale, as his thetan becomes more independent of his body, both the flesh and thetan start going through crazy speration anxiety?

And, apparently, its screwing up his grammer.


Battlestar Galactica: Black Market

I am very annoyed at myself.
I was, theoretically, watching Battlestar Galactica : Black Market last night.
Unfortunately, my new laptop has made watching TV rather difficult.
So I only have about half the story.
But I liked it.
Is Apollo getting very dark? Is he losing his moral center? If he does, and the President continues to be reasonably blood-thirsty. Which, by the way, I approve of. I approve of her in general. She doesn't play the 'woman card' and she is willing to make the tough decisions when her goals require them. I'm not always in step with her goals, but that's fine. So long as she goes after them.

With Apollo starting to waver, and the President and Adama both being, to a degree, slaves to their positions, who will become the guide?
I wonder if it might end up being Billy. He reminds me a lot of Lennier from Babylon 5, especially when he refused to go with the President when she escaped from the brig.
I'm guessing that either Apollo will come around, on some level, or Starbuck will rise to the challenge, fighting it the whole way.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Question Of The Day

Where is the line between influence and imitation?
When do you stop being in the same genre as The Doors and start becoming Crystal Ship?
When does your cyberpunk become indistinguishable from William Gibson's, instead of inspired Neuromancer?
When do you stop making your own Avant Gangster movies and become Quentin Tarantino's clone?


Batman Takes Aim at Osama

Batman goes after Osama bin Laden
At the WonderCon 2006 comic-book convention in San Francisco last weekend, legendary comics writer and artist Frank Miller revealed that Batman would hunt down bin Laden and al Qaeda in his next DC Comics graphic novel.

In "Holy Terror, Batman!" the Caped Crusader goes after the terror leader and his organization after Gotham City is attacked by terrorists. Though the graphic novel's title is a take on Robin the Boy Wonder's catchphrase, Miller said there was nothing campy about the story.

Sketchy. Very sketchy.
While this does hearken back to olden days as mentioned in the article, I think, ultimately, it over simplifies the world.
Moreso, I seriously doubt it will it will make a very good comic.
Oh, and you think the Danish cartoon thing was out of hand?


Should Superheroes Run The World?

I love superheroes.
I really do.
I'm far from the first to note that they are the new gods of myth.
DC, in particular, has done a great job of doing this, connecting some of their heroes
to fundamental forces of the universe (speed, animal life, plant life, etc), and playing up the mythic nature of characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.
Over the past few years, a number of comics have come out with stories of superbeings gaining significant power in the world, Kingdom Come and The Authority to name two.
Of course, the normal people get up in arms about it.
Part of me always wonders "why? They are saving your world, protecting you from evil, toppling dictators, etc. What's the big deal?"

Of course, the big deal is that nothing significant is ever simple.
Topple a dictator, who takes his place?
Of course, the big deal is that I can get to know these beings and understand them. They aren't mysterious, powerful creatures standing above me.
Of course, the big deal is that some force is making decisions without any real responsibility to those who will feel the effects. They are, in effect, benevolent dictators. But dictators none the less.
Of course, the big deal is that things always go wrong. The purest act of benevolence from one of these near-gods is almost always going to go wrong in the long run (try saying that five times fast.
I stumbled onto this quote by Frank Herbert that sums it up nicely:

"I had this theory that superheroes were disastrous for humans, that even if you postulated an infallible hero, the things this hero set in motion fell eventually into the hands of fallible mortals. What better way to destroy a civilization, society or a race than to set people into the wild oscillations which follow their turning over their critical judgment and decision-making faculties to a superhero?"
(Omni magazine, July 1980)

Now, if, instead of the word 'superhero', we used 'Global SuperPower'....


Center For The Study Of Popular Television (Part II)

As I mentioned a little while ago, I've been talking with Robert Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television.
I will be posting an interview with him sometime in the next week, schedules permitting.


[video] Furby goes Godzilla | CNET News.com

[video] Furby goes Godzilla | CNET News.com

1) I want it. But with teeth.
2) Comcast is so frickin' slow today that this post took me over three minutes.

ASCII: a movie about BBSs

For those of us who grew up on BBSs:
a movie about, well, us.
(thanks to Off On A Tangent )



So, here's my attempt to assist testing the new blog search engines.
check this out brrreeeport

Battlestar Galactica - Ressurection Ship

These were a couple of interesting episodes.
For those of you who don't follow the show, suffice to say that the Galactica, under Commander Adama, thought it was the last surviving ship of the fleet until it came into contact with the Pegasus,commanded by Admiral Cain.
Please note the different in rank.
They begin butting heads immediately, but chain of command is important to both of them. Adama does his best to work with this.
Two men from Galactica commit a crime (what and why are unimportant, suffice to say that it was controversial, and, on some level, justifiable) against one of the Pegasus officers and are sentenced, by Cain, to death.
The two ships nearly go to war over it.

What makes this interesting is the core of the conflict.
Chain Of Command/Order
Society redefining itself

The fact is that if the CoC isn't followed between Adama and Cain, then the crews on both ships might very well fall apart.
But, when push comes to shove, is the CoC anything other than a tool created to manage the military?
If so, don't tools sometimes become more of a hinderance than a benefit?

If the CoC breaks down, don't we have anarchy?
If the CoC is strictly followed, is that going to benefit the survivors?
The answer to both is probably yes and no.

You need CoC to make sure pilots get in their fighters.
You need CoC to make sure things get done.
Mindless adherance isn't useful. The nature of society has changed radically and so has the military.
The small numbers of people left means that these is no fallback position. Individuals have to be valued more because they might be in positions of authority on a moments notice. Moreso, the CoC is, on some level, now a lie. The world it represented doesn't exist anymore. The authority granted an
Adminal over a Commander stems from somewhere now gone.
A seed for Lord Of The Flies exists.
It exists anywhere unchecked power lies.


Smoking is a health risk

So I work in a trailer here at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
Between each trailer is a porch, sort of.
On each porch is one of those black tubes you put your cigarettes in.
Now, needless to say, the roof of each trailer is covered in a foot of snow.
I wasn't at work yesterday so I missed some of the excitement.
Apparently, as the day gets warmer, the snow begins to melt (please refer to Physics 101).
When the snow begins to melt, huge chunks of it slide off the roof onto the unsuspecting smoker.
Smoking is a health risk.
Be fleet on your feet, my fellows!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Lawsuits Challenge Dairy Weight Loss Claims

Lawsuits Challenge Dairy Weight Loss Claims

Its annoying to know that the commercials keep coming regardless of how many studies (14) say that increasing dairy intake doesn't help.
Even their biggest supporter doesn't really back to magic claims:
"For people with adequate intake, I would predict no effect," he tells WebMD.


Comic Reviews

As I mentioned in a posting today, this site was originally started as a forum for comic books. To help get back a little structure, I will be reading one Trade Paperback every other day and writing SOMETHING on it (inbetween bouts of sheer random postings)


Cold Fusion and the lost generation

NY team confirms UCLA tabletop fusion | Science Blog

This is, unfortunately, not as exciting as I'd hoped:
"Nuclear fusion has been explored as a potential source of power, but we are not looking at this as an energy source right now," Danon says. Rather, the most immediate application may come in the form of a battery-operated, portable neutron generator. Such a device could be used to detect explosives or to scan luggage at airports, and it could also be an important tool for a wide range of laboratory experiments.

Just so you know, when I was growing up, I was told endlessly that my generation would be meaningless and stand for nothing, and we'd make less money than our parents. Socially and financially, we were just a lost cause. BTW, if there are any teachers out there reading this, I don't suggest taking this tact with your students. In reflection, I should have spit on the teachers that did.
When I was in high school, there was this whole big thing about how some lab had finally gotten cold fusion to work. My friends and I sat around for days thinking about how amazing this might become. We were sure that in months we'd have cars that didn't need gas, rockets to pluto, and maybe jet packs.
We were excited.
Everything was going to change.
And here we were.
But it didn't happen. The experiment was 'bad'.
I remember feeling disappointed. Like a moment had simply not happened. Like it was over before it began.
I remember feeling like my life was a lost cause, that the other people were right. My generation and my life would be without meaning and purpose.
This feeling passed into the background, though it never left completely.
And, several years later, we got dumped into computers, the web, and the dot.com boom. We got grunge, we got media like you wouldn't believe, we got more and more. We changed the world. Maybe more than just about any generation ever has. Maybe not. Depends on who you talk to.
But we got our place in history.
But part of me, the part that is still back in high school feeling that disappointment, the part of me back in 8th grade that still heard how worthless we all were, those parts came to life again.
just for a minute.


Boing Boing: PKD robot MIA

Boing Boing: PKD robot MIA

He's quite obvious trapped in the Black Iron Prison...or on eBay looking for Ubik.

could go either way.


When I initially started this blog, it really was to discuss comic books.
I haven't done that in a while (in part because I only hit the store once a month or so, and thats just coming up next weekend).
I was thinking about tension.
And things that defeat tension.
Let me start out by saying i hate stories with time travel machines.
By their very nature, they defeat tension. They make every event near-irrelevant (since you can always go back and change how everything came out).
You can get around this, but it always feels like a poorly executed hack.

This same sort of thing happens in comics.
What are the chances that the Flash is going to die in any particular issue? Sure, Barry died in the most massive comic book epic ever (Crisis On Infinite Earths) but what about Flash issue 184? Did anything change there? No. NNot in 211 either.
My point is that given the nature of the beast, change isn't something that happens much in comics, and death even less so.
Push comes to shove, you need to get that title out every month. You need to acknowledge that you aren't going to be the last person to work on that title, either, so you can't really screw anything up for long. And lets not forget all the history.
Just imagine if someone decided that Superman wasn't from Krypton and, instead, was a plant-being created by the super-science of Atlantis.

This isn't to say we don't get changes, that there aren't repurcussions, just that they are few and far between. Superman became electric. For a bit. Spiderman wore black. For a bit. The Hulk was intelligent. For a...well, you get my point.
Hal Jordan, Jean Grey, Oliver Queen...all died. All came back.
As I understand the Marvel Universe, there are only two characters who don't come back. Uncle Ben and Bucky. I'm pretty sure Bucky came back, but its hard to tell. We can also add in Gwen Stacy. In DC, its pretty much Thomas and Martha Wayne, and probably Jor-El and Lara. Why? Because you can't have Spiderman, Batman, or Superman without these deaths. I don't know why Bucky is on the list (Captain America has zero angst). He just is.

With all that said, does this mean the medium is for crappy writers?
It means the medium needs BETTER writers.
Watch Apollo 13.
Great movie.
Lots of tension.
And yet you know...and I mean you know from HISTORY, not from 'oh, the hero always lives'...that it all ends up OK.
And yet...
Good writers create tension, drama, conflict, uncertainty where, by all reasonable views, there should be none.


Sunday, February 12, 2006



It really is almost as if people WANT to be mad.
Like they want to start fights with vegetarians for not loving plants enough.
Like they want to condemn The Simpsons for not having enough nice characters in it
I am reminded of the Death Of Superman storyline from several years ago.
Originally, the creature that killed Superman was going to be an escapee from a prison for the criminally insane.
But oh the stink that was raised.
Honestly, its become apparent to me that the people of the world are NOT getting enough fiber.
Have a frickin' bran muffin, folks.
There are real issues in the world.
Life and death issues.
But, it would appear that many would rather turn their brains off and go find problems where there are none. Why? I don't know. You tell me.


Mind Control by Parasites - Yahoo! News

this is just unreal.
Then again, I'm pretty sure I've been controlled by parasites for years.
Its the only think that can account for, well, me

Quick, Robin, the Bat-parasite-catcher!

Mind Control by Parasites - Yahoo! News


Maryland Democrats...SHAME!!!!

this guy wants to repeal the 22nd ammendment to let GW stay in office.

(yeah, this is a year old, but still)
I'm sorry, but isn't he a democrat???
With friends like this....


AOL News - Abramoff Says He Met Bush 'Almost a Dozen' Times

completely unsurprising.

AOL News - Abramoff Says He Met Bush 'Almost a Dozen' Times

DVD: it didn't come yesterday

This sucks.
its crappy out, a perfect day for a DVD which didn't come yesterday from Netflix.
I'd been waiting for it with baited breath.
For the Dada-esque joy that I get watching such things.
For the pure, unadulterated wit and wisdom that can come only from our porcine friends.
I wanted

The Best Of Tokyo Pig



Secret language

It is said by many that women have a secret language.
That when they say 'X', they mean 'Y'.
I have decided that I, too, have such a language.
For the edification of women (one in particular) I shall post a few examples:
I say: Sure, you can watch Criminal Intent.
I mean: I was really enjoying my videogame. Please go away.

I say: We can do whatever you want for dinner.
I mean: I don't feel like making a decision. Kindly go cook something i will like.

I say: Please pass me the water
I mean: Make me a corned beef sandwich, bitch

I say: Make me a corned beef sandwich, bitch
I mean: I'm really sorry and I'll never call you 'bitch' again

Please keep this 'cheat sheet' around for easy reference

You don't wanna pay taxes farmboy? OK

so I stumbled into this post about how GW did well in states with lower tax burdens.
I replied that its more interesting that the states that pay the least taxes seem more interested in lower and lower taxes. however, the states that end up financing, say, farm subsidies and paying the most for, say, any kind of federal aid those 'I know how to best spend my money' states tend to vote liberal.
I wonder.
If we got rid of taxes, lowered them to miniscule levels, who would hurt more?
California and/or massachusetts?
Can you say 'farm state'?
it'll be interesting to see if the conservative blog (actually, it might not be right-wing...but it has that feel to it) above actually posts my commment (they are moderated)
We are in deep trouble.
We've obviously come under attack by some here-to-for unknown enemy.
The HQ is completely sealed off from within, by us, and from without, by this new force.
White everywhere our scanners can pick up.
Is this some sort of strange stasis field?
An immobilizing foam?
Or, perhaps, some sort of signal blocking particle array?
This, this blog appears to be our only connection to the outside world.
Good God!
I suppose it could just be 15 inches of snow.
could go either way.

Setting up a secret HQ

The real problem in setting up a seccret HQ is the 'secret' part.
Its tough to accomplish, harder to maintain.
We here in Mom's Basement struggled for a long time before deciding on the 'hide in plain sight' methodology.
However, had our heroes had access to $10K, we might have gone a different route, and built something behind a secret door or something.
I wonder if they (HiddenPassageway) would come out and give us an estimate. Maybe a break, too, to help with our crime-fighting and villain-smashing activities.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Google Local

when farmers get bored?
Google Local

Please...you know you want one

a real Transformer!



I highly recommend checking out Pageflakes.
Its a wonderful Web2.0 application that functions as a desktop and feed aggregator.
It isn't unique in this sense, but what I love about it are the multiple tabs. I mean, I dig google's personalized homepage and all, but Pageflake's smaller font allows for more per screen and its multiple tabs allow for organization and it means I don't have to scroll down (being as I am a lazy, lazy man).
It isn't perfect.
It doesn't refresh enough.
It has zero documentation (not a big deal).
The settings for each block don't always seem to save.
It doesn't let you import your feeds from your previous aggregator.
But I'm hopeful that these will be resolved.
Most nice!
Definately my new homepage.
OK, I highly recommend reading the 02/08/06 entry on William Gibson's blog.
Fuck it.
I really need to start writing moments like that again.
I mean, I never wrote quite like him, but I did do alot of things that had
that sort of pastiche feel to them.
It felt good, though also vaguely pointless.
But hey, good is good.


How did you get here?

Here's a couple fun links from search engines that got people here.



I feel special
in that 'rides the short bus' kind of way

» Us.ef.ul (beelerspace)

For those of you who have heard of del.icio.us but either haven't gotten around to using it, or are a little confused (like me) about how best to use it.

» Us.ef.ul (beelerspace)

sure, its news. isn't it? I think so.

Much thanks to the Llama Butchers for pointing this out.


Friday, February 10, 2006

A bit about fiction. No, really.

Now, while I love novels and short stories, and I firmly believe that in great works are great Truths, I don't think I would ever call a novel 'Journalism'. Unless, of course, it suited my propaganda needs.
From the New York Times
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists takes a broader view. It is presenting its annual journalism award this year to Michael Crichton, the science fiction writer whose latest book, "State of Fear," dismisses global warming as a largely imaginary threat embraced by malignant scientists for their own ends.

"It is fiction," conceded Larry Nation, communications director for the association. "But it has the absolute ring of truth."

I assume that the NRA will soon be giving the good Govenor Of California an award for his reporting on the use of high caliber weaponry and various explosive devices.
(please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me they haven't)
And I expect some nuclear power organization will be presenting a trophy to Stan Lee for showing how radiation can expand our lives (exactly how many Marvel comics heroes were created through gamma/cosmic/whatever rays?)

Pardon me...I need a dictionary. Obviously I've been using the term 'journalism' incorrectly all these years

Pharmacies and religion

So...the basic premise some people hold is that if a pharmacist has a religious belief that the morning after pill causes the taking of a life, they shouldn't have to fill the perscription.
I wonder...
1) Some people don't believe in birth control. Should they not have to give out any birth control pills?
2) Some people believe that people with AIDS are sinners and are going to hell. Should they not have to give them their meds?
3) Some people believe that anti-depressants are wrong.
4) Some people believe that blacks and whites shouldn't have sex. If they know the person coming in to get birth control is going to have sex with someone of another race, should they be allowed to not fill the perscription?

What about doctors? Should doctors be allowed to say 'no' based on religious beliefs?

For many years, religious beliefs were used to support the idea that blacks are not human.
What about jews? I mean, we nailed Christ to a couple of planks.
Aren't we, ultimately, the enemy?

Of course, the morning after pill doesn't actually cause an abortion.
It prevents the pregnancy by preventing the fertilization, or by preventing implantation...which happens naturally, so, I suppose women are constantly having abortions, if thats your criteria.

I do believe that the Pro Life movement has a number of strong points in their arguements. This, howevver, is just denying reality. I suppose, though, that if you are one of those folks who believes that sex should never ever be done unless pregnancy is the intent, I have a bit more respect for you. You are still, in my opinion, not far different from the men in cultures who beat women and give them circumcisions that tear their vaginas to shreds, but at least you aren't quite as deep in denial as others who seem to have this idea that pregnancy starts at ejaculation.
oh, and by the by...exactly what do you think happens in fertility clinics?
if life begins at conception, and I have all these fertilized eggs and I put them in a freezer for keeping, isn't that
1) kidnapping
2) assault
3) a number of other horrific crimes?
and, if, after they are no longer needed, I dispose of them, does that make me a murderer too?
If so, then exactly how many people who try to go through this already expensive procedure could afford to pay the 'rent' required for me to keep them on ic forever?
Oh, I see.
Its OK to kill these 'babies' so long as you get to really have one. So murder is OK so long as you benefit.

Its not the Pro Life concept that bothers me so much.
Its the hypocracy.