Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stupid Healthy Happiness

OK, I hate salad.
I really do.
Sometimes I'll admit I get a craving for it, but usually after I've spent a week or two not eating anything remotely close to healthy.
But I hate salad.
I play with my salad to avoid eating it (I like to make little mouths out of onions)
Unfortunately, salad...veggies...are good for you.
And so I am in bondage to salad.
But no longer!!

Bolthouse Farms

The drinks and juices these guys make get me much more nutrition than my salad does.
I highly suggest the Perfectly Protein, the Berry Boost and the distressing Green Goodness. I say that last one is distressing because if I'd known what it looked like, I would never...EVER...have bought it. It is repulsive.
However, it tastes like green apples!
I have one serving of each a day.
No more salad for me!
As I've so often said...That's not food. That's what food eats!

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Anonymous said...

Ahem. I believe you are quoting someone else in that last line...