Friday, February 17, 2006

Good Eats

Over the past few years, I've become addicted to food shows.
Mostly the simple stuff.
Once you get beyond that, you tend to wander into food porn and that's just disturbing.
Anyhow, my absolute favorite is

Good Eats
hosted by Alton Brown.
It seems there are a lot of shows, like, say, that one with the loud BAM guy, who aren't really showing you how to make anything. Its all about food-envy for them. They want to show you how good the food they make is, but really only give you a vague idea of how to make it yourself.
That's cool. It's entertaining. Just not functional.
Then there's the shows that tell you how to make the various dishes, step by step, but you end up having all this rote information, but no understanding.
Good Eats, however, teaches you not only how to make fantastic food, and how to make everyday food fantastic, BUT you learn about cooking itself. I now know what an emulsion is, for example, and why it is useful and how I can really screw it up.

I am learning about food.
I can actually improvise in the kitchen. I know how to by produce (sometimes) and meat (sometimes).
Its sort of like cooking school compared to a cookbook.


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