Sunday, February 12, 2006

Secret language

It is said by many that women have a secret language.
That when they say 'X', they mean 'Y'.
I have decided that I, too, have such a language.
For the edification of women (one in particular) I shall post a few examples:
I say: Sure, you can watch Criminal Intent.
I mean: I was really enjoying my videogame. Please go away.

I say: We can do whatever you want for dinner.
I mean: I don't feel like making a decision. Kindly go cook something i will like.

I say: Please pass me the water
I mean: Make me a corned beef sandwich, bitch

I say: Make me a corned beef sandwich, bitch
I mean: I'm really sorry and I'll never call you 'bitch' again

Please keep this 'cheat sheet' around for easy reference

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