Sunday, February 19, 2006

The War At Home

So there's this show on Fox.
The War At Home...
You know how sometimes a show is so bad its good?
Or, sometimes a show is really bad, but its at least cliche so you can understand the humor? I mean, sort of like the "I've got two dates at the same time" gag, or "overhearing a conversation and misinterpreting everything" plot?
This show misses even that.
I mean it is a comedic deadzone.
Imagine a black hole of comedy.
I've watched open heart surgery on the Discover Channel that was funnier than this.
I love animals, but I think watching a small kangaroo being bludgeoned to death would get more laughs.
Alternately, watching a kangaroo bludgeon a hunter to death would be MUCH funnier.
Even the laugh track hates it.
It is actually PAINFUL to watch.
I may chew glass just to get it out of my mind.
I'm worried it may suck all the funny out of me.
Even now I am getting less funny.
Look at this post!
No funny at all!
And kangaroos are ALWAYS funny!



Luke said...

I try not to watch Fox shows... They tend to get cancelled after just few episodes. The good ones usually get the axe after 3-4 episodes.

Ironically the really bad ones usually last for several seasons. Go figure :P

moleboy said...

I know what you mean.
it really does seem like, sometimes, they just throw darts at a board when deciding what to run and what to cancel.