Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Ressurection Ship

These were a couple of interesting episodes.
For those of you who don't follow the show, suffice to say that the Galactica, under Commander Adama, thought it was the last surviving ship of the fleet until it came into contact with the Pegasus,commanded by Admiral Cain.
Please note the different in rank.
They begin butting heads immediately, but chain of command is important to both of them. Adama does his best to work with this.
Two men from Galactica commit a crime (what and why are unimportant, suffice to say that it was controversial, and, on some level, justifiable) against one of the Pegasus officers and are sentenced, by Cain, to death.
The two ships nearly go to war over it.

What makes this interesting is the core of the conflict.
Chain Of Command/Order
Society redefining itself

The fact is that if the CoC isn't followed between Adama and Cain, then the crews on both ships might very well fall apart.
But, when push comes to shove, is the CoC anything other than a tool created to manage the military?
If so, don't tools sometimes become more of a hinderance than a benefit?

If the CoC breaks down, don't we have anarchy?
If the CoC is strictly followed, is that going to benefit the survivors?
The answer to both is probably yes and no.

You need CoC to make sure pilots get in their fighters.
You need CoC to make sure things get done.
Mindless adherance isn't useful. The nature of society has changed radically and so has the military.
The small numbers of people left means that these is no fallback position. Individuals have to be valued more because they might be in positions of authority on a moments notice. Moreso, the CoC is, on some level, now a lie. The world it represented doesn't exist anymore. The authority granted an
Adminal over a Commander stems from somewhere now gone.
A seed for Lord Of The Flies exists.
It exists anywhere unchecked power lies.


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