Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tom Cruise And His Thetan

What the fuck happened to Tom Cruise?
Didn't he used to be sane?
Didn't he used to seem likeable?
I mean, not a whole lot of shit got thrown his way, relative to other stars, except the whole 'gay' thing.
From the Wikipedia entry on thetans:
Thus, according to Scientology doctrine, the spirit exists whether operating a human body or not. A good deal of Scientology doctrine points toward rehabilitating the human spirit to achieve this degree of freedom. If an individual can operate with or without a body then the term "operating thetan" would apply as it does when an individual is operating a body. This special situation is addressed in the operating thetan levels of the Church of Scientology.

Maybe the Scientologists have it wrong. Maybe the thetan (or spirit) needs the body and as Tom gets higher and higher in the OT scale, as his thetan becomes more independent of his body, both the flesh and thetan start going through crazy speration anxiety?

And, apparently, its screwing up his grammer.


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