Thursday, February 16, 2006

Battlestar Galactica : Sacrifice

This show simply won't relent.
And its been a rough couple weeks for our not-quite-suicidal-but-not-all-that-thrilled-to-be-alive Apollo.
Of course, its been rough for Starbuck too, but she's been frickin' whiney about it and, as I mentioned, I'm done with that.
That said (please note, I am NOT mentioning the ending of this episode), I really...REALLY...need something to be done about Ellen Tigh. She is, without doubt, the most evil woman I've seen in a long time. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. I don't know which I'm hoping for; that she's a cylon or that she's human. I think her being human is more disturbing.

I have to say that I'm more than a little disappointed with how they resolved the president's illness (in an earlier episode).
My friend at work and I were talking and I made two points:
1) The Book of Pythia speaks of a leader who is to guide the fleet to Earth, and yet not ever enter it themselves, is supposed to be dying of a wasting disease. The president no longer is. What does her recovery mean in terms of her place in that prophecy?
2) It does leave her open to the plot hook of now being part cylon
3) A much cooler way to 'cure' the president would have been for her to need regular injections from the fetus/child. That would have had huge moral implications while also making the relationship with the cylon Sharon more and more complicated.



Luke said...

Yeah, the cure for cancer thing was kinda lame.

It is already hard to stop BSG fans from cracking jokes about "pregnant cylons" or a "hybrid fetus" (btw, what is the plural for fetus?) when people talk about cancer :P This can only escalate.

Good point about the prophecy though. I suspect that she might loose support of the people because of this.

Either that, or she will have a sudden relapse at some convinient moment.

moleboy said...

ok, thats just creepy.
Here's some office conversation:
Sue: Wow. I just found out Grandma has cancer.
Mary: Oh, well, lets go find her a cylon

btw, the plural of fetus is fetuses.
Though it does seem like it should be one of those sigular/plural words like 'deer'.

My guess is that she'll soon relapse, but it will be a much slower cancer, since they'll have caught it early.
Alternately, someone else might rise up into the role.
Which should have a nice effect on the president's sense of identity.
and maybe a nice civil war.
Nothing says lovin' like a nice civil war