Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Evolution To Be Criticized

This is, conceptually, a good idea. Sciences grow by being looked at critically.
Evolution is a pretty advanced science. Is real, technical criticism going to be possible at these grades? Maybe. Are they going to actually spend the time teaching the kids enough about evolution for them to find the aspects that should be challenged? I doubt it. Will they teach the entire history and scientific process that brought evolution to where it is now? I doubt that too.
Evolution isn't something you take a single college class on and fully understand.
And its definitely not something you spend two weeks studying in high school biology and fully understand.
I do believe that students should be encouraged to challenge the ideas put forth in any scientific theory. But the teachers have to know how to respond, and the kids have to be given enough information to ask the intelligent question.
I have to wonder...
Exactly how much time are people spending on evolution in biology classes these days? I mean, jeez!
Oh, btw, they should also be questioning the theory of gravity.
We still don't fully understand how that works.

(thanks to Whatever for the heads up)


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