Tuesday, March 28, 2006


New Troma Movie

It looks like everything I'd hope a zombie chicken movie from Troma called POULTRYGEIST would be.

'nuff said.




there's a great guardian article from a few years back relevant to this.

It's war - but it doesn't have to be dirty

My view on this article is:
1) man is a rational animal
2) sometimes, man gives up the burden of rationality in favor of a text. In this context, text means a book, or philosophy, or person, or whatever, that makes decisions for man.
Basically, any external source that tells the person what to do, without requiring thought on that person's part.
3) When that happens, man's entire reason/justification to exist becomes wrapped up in that text.
4) At that point, anyone who DOESN'T follow that text becomes an insult to that person and life as they know it.
5) And that insult is so profound that it cannot be endured. Death to the infidel becomes a very viable option

THIS is the problem with fundamentalist Islam right now. Even most fundamentalist christians don't entertain the idea of killing those who don't believe or who leave the faith. Granted, there are some wackos out there who bomb abortion clinics, and even more who, while they might not do it themselves, at least understand the motivation. But I believe that these are the minority.
If Islam wants to deal with the rest of the world, if Islam wants respect, then it has to return that respect.
I think its fine for a Muslim country to kick out someone who converts away from Islam (well, not 'fine' per se, but it is their right), but killing someone because of that, well, thats fascism. And not letting them leave to the west because that might cause lots of others to follow suit, well, thats fascism.
I wonder.
What would the Islamic world do if christians started killing people in the streets of America who converted to Islam.
Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot. Islam is always right and Jihad is fine.
My bad.
I have to remind myself constantly.
You can't MAKE a child grow up.
You can only hope to show them why they should.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Death To Christians

Top Muslim clerics: Convert must die

"We are a small country and we welcome the help the outside world is giving us. But please don't interfere in this issue," Nasri said. "We are Muslims and these are our beliefs. This is much more important to us than all the aid the world has given us."

This is insane.
So many in the Muslim world want to convince people they aren't, well, babarians.
They want respect from the rest of the world.
But this?
Do this, and we'll see how much you like living without aid.
Do this, and confirm what the neo-cons say.
That at least some sections of Islam foster turning people into animals.
Tough titty.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Women are incapable of rational thought

So, as you know, the women of South Dakota are unable to make choices for themselves:

Minimum Security

Luckily, a little sedition is goin on:

Oglala Sioux president will establish Planned Parenthood clinic on reservation


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Christianity can get you killed

Man may be executed for converting to Christianity

what a lovely job we've done in our Crusade


Teacher sues for fart chair

from cnn.com

BRISTOL, England (AP) -- A British teacher who says a noisy chair made classroom life a misery is suing her former employer for unfair dismissal.

Sue Storer, 48, told an employment tribunal Tuesday she was subjected to sexist and bullying behavior while working as deputy head teacher at Bedminster Down Secondary School in Bristol, southwest England.

Storer said the school failed to replace her chair, which made a "farting" noise whenever anyone sat on it, although other staff received new chairs.

She said the chair was a source of embarrassment, especially at parent-teacher evenings.

She also said male colleagues were favored over her and she was placed under an unfair amount of pressure.

"I had a nervous breakdown because of the ordeal I went through. It's just not fair that people can treat you like that," said Storer, who resigned in September. She said she would never teach again.

She is seeking a ruling that the school's behavior amounted to unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination, as well as compensation for lost earnings. The tribunal is expected to rule within the next two weeks.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


The Silver Screen My Destination???

Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination in talks???

*sigh* I read this book in college for a class being taught by Samuel Delany, if you can believe it.
A movie?
Could I be so lucky???
Well, yes.
Could I be so lucky as to see this made by people who know what they are doing, who love the work, and who are given the freedom to make it right?
That remains to be seen.
OOOOOO! Maybe after Ratner drives X3 into the ground he'll come and do this.

Don't love Jesus? NO KID FOR YOU!

You can lose your kid for being critical of Christianity

The judge, allegedly a very strict Catholic, became outraged at the photos of the X-Day parody of Mel Gibsons movie The Passion of the Christ especially the photo where Jesus [Steve Bevilacqua] is wearing clown makeup and carrying a crucifix with a pool-noodle dollar sign on it while being beaten by a crowd of SubGenii, including a topless woman with a dildo.
The judge ordered that Rachel is to have absolutely no contact with her son, not even in writing, because he felt the pictures of X-Day performance art were evidence enough to suspect "severe mental illness".

Now, it does warrant mentioning the woman in question does appear in these pictures wearing skimpy clothing, or totally nude. However, her child has never been to this event. It also warrants mentioning that the parody sounds pretty stupid.

That said..This judge has gone way over the line here. The good thing is that there's no way that this will stand up assuming this girl's performance art wasn't, say, getting fucked by a sheep. The bad thing is that it will probably costa lott of money. Ugh.
I really do hope this guy gets kicked from the bench.
Along with everyone who thinks you can't be a good parent if you are gay.
Along with everyone who puts their own agenda ahead of the welfare of the child.

Anyhow, all for today.


Friday, March 17, 2006

More Imaginary World Issues

xxx Domain Retuns

Now, don't get me wrong, I oppose the xxx domain because it is, at heart, useless. As the article says, it's only useful if you force every porn site to use it, but determining what is porn can be problematic. The article sites Boing Boing, but that aside, there's people who would want adult sites that aren't porn to be put there. Any site regarding sexuality, discussions about homosexuality, STDs, etc. These are the same kind of sites that cause problems with filtering systems in libraries.
And while I sympathize with parents who don't want their kids seeing this stuff (whether reasonably so or just due to being closed minded and fearful), it is hardly appropriate for it to be shuffled off to howtopreventstds.xxx or tellyourparentsyouaregay.xxx.
How does this tie into my earlier topic?
However the other group fighting it, surprisingly, were a group of "family values" types who felt that somehow setting up a red light district online legitimized online porn.

Again, what we see is the wonderful thought process called denial: If we REALLY hope it isn't there, then it must not be there.
This is, of course, the same kind of thought process that people diagnosed as terminally ill go through.
We have to accept that the world is not perfect. We don't give up the dream of making it perfect, but we can't just wish it away.
People do stupid things.
People have risky sex.
People have abortions.
Wishing won't get rid of this.
If you want to stop abortions, wouldn't it make sense to create a world where they wouldn't be needed?
No, thats not very realistic either, HOWEVER, what is realisitc is creating a world where they would be kept to a minimum.
Give people knowledge and information so they can prevent the pregnancy in the first place.
Create a world where girls in high school know how to not get prengant, and, if they do, at least won't get kicked out of their home, their school, etc. That their lives won't end with a child.
Create a state where a single, unwed mother can afford to raise a child without living one notch above the street.
Create an environment where a family can support itself without living in fear.
To simply say that:
1) if we don't talk about sex, sex won't happen
2) if we deny people the ability to have safe sex, they won't have sex at all
is crazy.


More Security Updates


Especially now that AIBO support has been discontinued...


Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Explanation

The real problem with all this is that there is a subset of humanity that believes that just because they 'know' how the world SHOULD be, they should behave as if the world actually is that way.
This is all good and well.
Except we live in the REAL world where:
people have sex
men don't carry babies
people will do drugs
less-than-civil countries want nuclear weapons
we need places to put trash
criminals need to be rehabilitated or will stay criminals
we have taxes
Now, should one of these people suddenly acquire the Miracle Machine, then I'll start listening.
However, since said machine was eaten by Matter-Eater Lad (which drove him insane, until cured by Brainiac 5), that seems unlikely


Don't worry, Missouri

The White House Hates Fags And Dykes

Fun all around!


Its a big day for evil...

Halliburton Continues To Make Nazis Look Like Sweet Guys

I wonder...will they get sued? I mean, if Poland Springs did this, they'd get raped. Then again, Poland Springs doesn't own the Vice President so...or vice versa.



Yes, Yes They Are. Filthy Whores.

"If you hand out contraception to single women, we're saying promiscuity is OK as a state, and I am not in support of that," Phillips, R-Kansas City, said in an interview.
Others, including some lawmakers who described themselves as "pro-life," said it was illogical for anti-abortion lawmakers to deny money for contraception to low-income people who use public health clinics

Sorry, thats the only way I can interprete this.
Missouri hates women.
Missouri feels that women should not have sex, or, alternately, just be fucked.
Missouri will soon be annexed by the Pope.
IMHO, he can have them.
Tithe, you bastards, TITHE!!!




Yes. These will form the basis of the Basement's new security system.
Screw the 3 laws.



Pentagon Wants Tiny Robot Bugs For Sinister Purposes

A similar scheme aimed at manipulating wasps failed when they flew off to feed and mate.

Ain't that always the way...

These other examples were also fairly amusing:
WWII: Attach a bomb to a cat and drop it from a dive-bomber on to Nazi ships. The cat, hating water, will "wrangle" itself on to enemy ship's deck. In tests cats became unconscious in mid-air
WWII: Attach incendiaries to bats. Induce hibernation and drop them from planes. They wake up, fly into factories etc and blow up. Failed to wake from hibernation and fell to death

Luckily, the team here already recruited Streaky, the Super Cat as our guard-animal of choice.
(Ace, the BatHound, proved too disagreeable. And was found having inappropriate relations with Skippy,
the Bird Dog)


Jessica Simpson Trumps Bush

Jessica Simpson Says No To Bush

What I find amusing about this is that this is "...a snub that left Republicans dismayed."
THIS is whats leaving them dismayed?
Could Ms. Simpson become as politically divisive as another skinny blonde woman?
Actually, nah.
Ms. Coulter and Ms. Simpson really are too different to compare.
One is a media whore
and the other is a pop-singer.
the two shall never meet.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Best Alarm Clocks

There are certain members here in Mom's Basement that have some...issues with responding to the TroubleAlert. To which we can only suggest the
Most...annoying...alarm clocks...ever


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Neverwinter Nights for journalists

Game Teaches Journalism Skills

The team had initially planned to have a crowd of game characters milling about the accident scene, but the game wasn't amenable to that. A bug in the program meant that any time a player approached a group of people, he was immediately attacked and killed.

Maybe they could use this as a feature, say, for wartime correspondants?


Support Our Troops?

Support Our Troops sign violates homeowners agreement

I can see the perspective of the Homeowner's associate in this, and, really, if they let this slide because of people's strong feelings, whats to stop someone from using the same arguement to allow posting of signs regarding abortion? I'm assuming that they'll just make an exception and let her keep it up.
That said:
Stacey Kelley, who plans to attend the meeting, said she's going to follow the advice her husband gave during their last conversation. "He said even if it comes down to paying the fines, he doesn't want to take it down."

At up to 100 bucks a day, I suspect Private Kelley will feel differently when he gets a 3000 dollar bill each month. I dunno how much privates make in the army, but here in the Basement, we make a decent living and there's no way we could afford that (even if we didn't pay any other bills)


Woman Marries Dolphin

Woman Marries Dolphin

We here in Mom's Basement think this is wonderful and would never say that this woman was a pervert.
We are upset, though, that we were not invited to the wedding.
(can anyone tell me where they registered?)


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

He's not the Ghost Rider

Ex-Con's home searched.

Two names he went by were "John Handsome" and "Jonathan Blaze," which also is the secret identity of comic book character "Ghost Rider," according to newspaper reports.

someone will turn this into a petty thing, instead of a horrific murder.


Kitten killer

Is she really glamorous?



She's the homecoming king

Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said Jones' selection made the event seem like a joke. "It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future," he said.

um, ok, in what way ISN'T Homecoming King a joke?
I wonder, just how homophobic is Hood College going to get as 'all homecoming events will be reviewed and possibly changed'


Geek Email 1

M: attention all dorks: you now have something for the *very* top of your
birthday/christmas/hannukah/what-the-fuck-ever-occasion list

Matrix Of Leadership

Kind of makes me wish i didn't ask for the 360.

S:I will definitely be storing it in my chest housing.

J: I am so sick of this. Stan Bush this, and Stan Bush that.
Fuck Stan Bush:
1) manys the time that all hell has been breaking loose and yet I've been riding the eye of the storm. Yet no Stan Bush ever plays for me. I do, however, feel that I am still qualified to carry the matrix.

2) I know numerous people who hear the powerchords but who, after all is said and done,
have, in fact, walked, and have, in fact, run. Are these people matrix material? I think not.

Screw Stan Bush.
He can't tell me anything.
I know its in my blood, and that it's in my will.
And, more importantly, I know its in my mighty hands of (metaphorical) steel.
And, yes, I'll be standing my ground.

And if he gets pissed about this, he'd best not try to hit me when my back is to the wall, cause that never happens. I'm obviously going to fight to the end and take it all.
Stan Bush is ass.
I jwned stan bush.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Review: Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 9

I just finished Ultimate Spider-Man volume 9.
I don't know why I keep forgetting I love this title.
But I do.
And I do.
More than any other title, Spierman really captures the super-hero fantasy.
That's been the idea since the beginning. Loser boy has a secret that makes him cool.
Thats the core of the 8 year old's love of super heroes.
I still love watching him go from Parker to the confident hero.
I don't read many mainstream marvel titles, as they tend to be convoluted and constantly trying to reinvent themselves. I assume they are doing this in order to mimic the success of the Ultimates line.
Look at the New Avengers, and the transformations Spiderman is going through, and the entire House of M debacle.
But it'll never work.
To rebuild, you have to break down. The more you break down, the better you can become.
Look at DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths.
They saw what they'd done, where they were, and realized that they could keep digging in the sand, or build a good foundation from the start.
OK, I mixed my metaphors there, but my point stands.
They were lost. They built a new map.
Marvel has always shied away from big changes. They tried first with Secret Wars, and got scared. They keep trying with X-Men, and keep running in circles.
Luckily for them, they have the Ultimate line.
The Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-man, and Ultimate Adventures(which I can only hope will rise again).
I left Ultimate X-Men out because I have very mixed feelings on that title. Probably due to Wolverine being such a centerpiece and my "I've been done with this character since 1991" attitude (I also read Ultimate Fantastic Four, but thats really kind of mediocre, more so now that Mark worlds-least-consistant-but-sometimes-great-writer Millar is on it)
IMHO, Marvel should either scrap the standard lines and go all-Ultimate, or consolidate the standard lines into fewer, higher-quality series that form a smaller, more coherent whole.
Actually, DC could take a hint from that too.
The Ultimates universe is consistent, readable, accessible.
More importantly, it focuses on story.
Not history.
I was reading a rant by Warren Ellis, maybe in Come In Alone. He was talking about something a fan had written about the Ultimates line
when it first was starting up.
The fanboy was worried that the new line would get all the good writers, get all the press, etc.
A legitimate concern.
He was worried that the mainline stuff would get canceled (yeah, right, Spiderman ain't going anywhere, ok?)
He went on to say that he had zero interest in the new titles, and that he would rather read crappy stories about characters he knew and cared about than good stories about new characters.
I can understand this attitude, to a degree.
But, as Ellis pointed out, THAT is the problem in comics.
Because this guy and the gazillions like him out there don't care about quality.
They don't care about story.
They care about seeing the characters they love.
They set the bar so low, that anyone, anything can meet it.
Sooner or later, someone's gonna come up with a program to just generate scripts like this.
The thing is, it isn't a binary proposition.
You don't have to choose between quality and characters.
You can ask, you can demand, BOTH.
You can demand that these old-time titles get new voices and get new stories that are worth reading.
You can scream that you LOVE Peter Parker, but that you are done with running in circles.
You can tell them that they need to do with the old titles what they did with the Ultimate line. Bring quality to the forefront.
And you can do that with the only voice you have that matters.
Your dollars.
Buy the good stuff.
Don't buy the crap.
Tell your comic book store guy why you aren't buying Spectacular Spiderman anymore.
Tell him to take The New X-men off your subscription sheet.
Ignore The Fantastic Four.
Talk to the stores.
Speak with your dollars.
And let them know.
Or suffer.
Your choice.

(ok, this didn't end up being a review, sorry)


Friday, March 03, 2006

School Nazis

Students Suspended For Living

A middle school student faces expulsion for allegedly posting graphic threats against a classmate on the popular MySpace.com Web site, and 20 of his classmates were suspended for viewing the posting, school officials said.

Now, I have very little problem with the school suspending the student who made the posting. However, suspending the other kids is like suspending a kid for being in the same room when someone says "Hey, I wanna kill that guy". This MySpace backlash has got to end. Schools should just block the site (yes, I know, there's ways around it) and be done with it. MySpace isn't doing anything new in this context. It just makes it easier.
Jesus. I am so fucking sick of this sort of panic and over-reaction.
Who do they think they are kidding?
Did violence not take place before the Inter-web? Did people all love each other become cable modems?
Its all about pointing fingers.
Its all about not taking responsibility.
Its all about trying to make complicated problems into a something you can target.
Yeah, thats much better than solving things.
Thank goodness.

No, you know what? FUCK YOU!


Supreme Court Justices take their job seriously

Thank goodness these people are appointed for life

Yes, Ruth, its a lot to ask of you to stay awake...
The subject matter was extremely technical, and near the end of the argument Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed in her chair. Justices David Souter and Samuel Alito, who flank the 72-year-old, looked at her but did not give her a nudge.



Christmas, Playing With Plastic Tauntauns

Whenever I watch this, I get a bit vaklempt.
Whatever else Lucas did, the fact that "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" can bring me, and, I'd guess, most people who were around for the original trilogy, into a sort of dream-state says alot about the man's accomplishments.


I will be drawn by Walt Simonson

I wanna be a Manhunter!

Hey, I've got a clearance.



Nazi's? Made of bees???

OK, Kevin is right about that.
3rd best comic idea ever!
However, he is also right about Millar's run on Ultimate Fantastic Four.


Kids TV

Children Have Egos Made Of Tissue Paper

The report also criticized the networks for airing children's programs with questionable language -- such as "stupid," "loser" and "butt"

'nuff said.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


This is what I want for my birthday

Anyone who gets me one gets to live.
(with lasers, thank you)




OK, well, at least hurt him. Obviously.
"Obviously, someone wants to hurt me, and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career," Stapp told AP Radio.

"Someone" could not be located for comment.

Christ, now I'm gonna have Family Circus in my head all day.



Off On A Tangent

So Mr. Garfield has inspired me to start vlogging.
At first, I was thinking that this was a dangerous place for me to go. I have a nasty tendency to go out and buy the most expensive hardware I can and then not use it. However, I found a decent webcam I can afford and think I'll go with that at first.
I was also worried, of course, about content.
But then I realized, I don't have to sit down and 'be on'. I can sit down and ramble and keep whatever works out of that session.
I'm thinking about trying a little humor/stand-up.
I did a little research on this and I believe I'll set it up on WordPress. or blogger (I can't remember why I was thinking about wordpress...I just know it was there).
There's a good tutorial here.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Republican spies!

Republicans are spying on you

This is nothing but spyware.
"Hey, since we sent it to you, you should assume we are collecting infomation on you"
what kind of arguement is that?
Thats like saying that since I sent you a letter, you should assume I'm waiting outside until you throw it away to get your fingerprints.
Hey, you ate at my restaurant, I'm collecting your DNA off the fork.
Republican evil running wild.


Yes, we hate women

Yes, we hate women

This amazes me.
Once in a while, you hear about accusations that those who are pro-life are really just trying to keep women down.
I generally believe that to be bullshit.
But this, especially given the distinction between donating the eggs and selling them, this really can't be interpreted any other way than trying to prevent women from controlling their bodies. Or, at the very least, deciding that women are property to be controlled.


Creature Tech


Creature Tech: The Movie??
Andrew Cosby:I’ve certainly done my time in the trenches, but there’s still more to come. Right now, I’m adapting DAMN NATION for Paramount Pictures and Doug TenNapel’s graphic novel CREATURE TECH for Fox