Tuesday, March 28, 2006



there's a great guardian article from a few years back relevant to this.

It's war - but it doesn't have to be dirty

My view on this article is:
1) man is a rational animal
2) sometimes, man gives up the burden of rationality in favor of a text. In this context, text means a book, or philosophy, or person, or whatever, that makes decisions for man.
Basically, any external source that tells the person what to do, without requiring thought on that person's part.
3) When that happens, man's entire reason/justification to exist becomes wrapped up in that text.
4) At that point, anyone who DOESN'T follow that text becomes an insult to that person and life as they know it.
5) And that insult is so profound that it cannot be endured. Death to the infidel becomes a very viable option

THIS is the problem with fundamentalist Islam right now. Even most fundamentalist christians don't entertain the idea of killing those who don't believe or who leave the faith. Granted, there are some wackos out there who bomb abortion clinics, and even more who, while they might not do it themselves, at least understand the motivation. But I believe that these are the minority.
If Islam wants to deal with the rest of the world, if Islam wants respect, then it has to return that respect.
I think its fine for a Muslim country to kick out someone who converts away from Islam (well, not 'fine' per se, but it is their right), but killing someone because of that, well, thats fascism. And not letting them leave to the west because that might cause lots of others to follow suit, well, thats fascism.
I wonder.
What would the Islamic world do if christians started killing people in the streets of America who converted to Islam.
Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot. Islam is always right and Jihad is fine.
My bad.
I have to remind myself constantly.
You can't MAKE a child grow up.
You can only hope to show them why they should.

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