Friday, March 17, 2006

More Imaginary World Issues

xxx Domain Retuns

Now, don't get me wrong, I oppose the xxx domain because it is, at heart, useless. As the article says, it's only useful if you force every porn site to use it, but determining what is porn can be problematic. The article sites Boing Boing, but that aside, there's people who would want adult sites that aren't porn to be put there. Any site regarding sexuality, discussions about homosexuality, STDs, etc. These are the same kind of sites that cause problems with filtering systems in libraries.
And while I sympathize with parents who don't want their kids seeing this stuff (whether reasonably so or just due to being closed minded and fearful), it is hardly appropriate for it to be shuffled off to or
How does this tie into my earlier topic?
However the other group fighting it, surprisingly, were a group of "family values" types who felt that somehow setting up a red light district online legitimized online porn.

Again, what we see is the wonderful thought process called denial: If we REALLY hope it isn't there, then it must not be there.
This is, of course, the same kind of thought process that people diagnosed as terminally ill go through.
We have to accept that the world is not perfect. We don't give up the dream of making it perfect, but we can't just wish it away.
People do stupid things.
People have risky sex.
People have abortions.
Wishing won't get rid of this.
If you want to stop abortions, wouldn't it make sense to create a world where they wouldn't be needed?
No, thats not very realistic either, HOWEVER, what is realisitc is creating a world where they would be kept to a minimum.
Give people knowledge and information so they can prevent the pregnancy in the first place.
Create a world where girls in high school know how to not get prengant, and, if they do, at least won't get kicked out of their home, their school, etc. That their lives won't end with a child.
Create a state where a single, unwed mother can afford to raise a child without living one notch above the street.
Create an environment where a family can support itself without living in fear.
To simply say that:
1) if we don't talk about sex, sex won't happen
2) if we deny people the ability to have safe sex, they won't have sex at all
is crazy.


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