Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Geek Email 1

M: attention all dorks: you now have something for the *very* top of your
birthday/christmas/hannukah/what-the-fuck-ever-occasion list

Matrix Of Leadership

Kind of makes me wish i didn't ask for the 360.

S:I will definitely be storing it in my chest housing.

J: I am so sick of this. Stan Bush this, and Stan Bush that.
Fuck Stan Bush:
1) manys the time that all hell has been breaking loose and yet I've been riding the eye of the storm. Yet no Stan Bush ever plays for me. I do, however, feel that I am still qualified to carry the matrix.

2) I know numerous people who hear the powerchords but who, after all is said and done,
have, in fact, walked, and have, in fact, run. Are these people matrix material? I think not.

Screw Stan Bush.
He can't tell me anything.
I know its in my blood, and that it's in my will.
And, more importantly, I know its in my mighty hands of (metaphorical) steel.
And, yes, I'll be standing my ground.

And if he gets pissed about this, he'd best not try to hit me when my back is to the wall, cause that never happens. I'm obviously going to fight to the end and take it all.
Stan Bush is ass.
I jwned stan bush.


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