Thursday, March 09, 2006

Support Our Troops?

Support Our Troops sign violates homeowners agreement

I can see the perspective of the Homeowner's associate in this, and, really, if they let this slide because of people's strong feelings, whats to stop someone from using the same arguement to allow posting of signs regarding abortion? I'm assuming that they'll just make an exception and let her keep it up.
That said:
Stacey Kelley, who plans to attend the meeting, said she's going to follow the advice her husband gave during their last conversation. "He said even if it comes down to paying the fines, he doesn't want to take it down."

At up to 100 bucks a day, I suspect Private Kelley will feel differently when he gets a 3000 dollar bill each month. I dunno how much privates make in the army, but here in the Basement, we make a decent living and there's no way we could afford that (even if we didn't pay any other bills)


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