Tuesday, February 21, 2006

McDonald's getting sued

McDonald's getting sued

OK, now, I'm not completely certain either of these lawsuits have merit but...
1) the wheat thing: if you are allergic to ANYTHING, should you be eating at McDs in the first place?
2) The dairy thing. Sure. Sue away. Show me damages. C'mon, vegan. Once again, they should have been up front, but I seriously doubt Ms Sugich spent much time agonizing over the revelation.

Restaurants (not just fast food joints) should be and have to be upfront with everything about their food. But part of me feels like, if you walk into a fast food restaurant, and you are in any way health-or-diet conscious, aren't you looking for trouble?


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Anonymous said...

It is a diner's responsibility to inquire if a food contains allergens the diner may react to. It is the restaurant's responsibility to provide accurate information. Someone who is allergic to nuts, who does not inquire whether a dish contains nuts, deserves what they get. If they DO ask, and the server/cashier provides the wrong information, that restaurant should be sued to the skies. Equal reponsibility on both parts.