Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Battlestar Galactica: Black Market

I am very annoyed at myself.
I was, theoretically, watching Battlestar Galactica : Black Market last night.
Unfortunately, my new laptop has made watching TV rather difficult.
So I only have about half the story.
But I liked it.
Is Apollo getting very dark? Is he losing his moral center? If he does, and the President continues to be reasonably blood-thirsty. Which, by the way, I approve of. I approve of her in general. She doesn't play the 'woman card' and she is willing to make the tough decisions when her goals require them. I'm not always in step with her goals, but that's fine. So long as she goes after them.

With Apollo starting to waver, and the President and Adama both being, to a degree, slaves to their positions, who will become the guide?
I wonder if it might end up being Billy. He reminds me a lot of Lennier from Babylon 5, especially when he refused to go with the President when she escaped from the brig.
I'm guessing that either Apollo will come around, on some level, or Starbuck will rise to the challenge, fighting it the whole way.



Luke said...

Uh, you really didn't watch the whole ep, did you? If you watch the ending you will quickly realize that Billy is not going to be a moral guide for anyone. :(

Also, starbuck will probably be a little fucked up for a litle while after this episode. Hopefully she will shake it off, as Apollo seemed to be recovering nicely. But I think she will have enough stuff on her mind to keep her from being the "shiny becon" of morality.

moleboy said...

OK, so now I know what I'm doing when I get home in an hour.
I was doing like 4 other things and kept popping in and out of the episode. It was half-way through before I realized it was more than a little complex. Then I was completely lost.
note to self: no blogging during BSG

thanks for the heads up!

moleboy said...

ok, just rewatched it and it was an amazing episode.
I don't know why you'd think anything bad about Billy, so I'm assuming thats in an upcoming episode I haven't seen yet (though Tivo has them waiting for me)

Luke said...

Oops... Yes. The Billy thing is in the next episode. Same applies to my starbuck comment.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm not gonna spoil it for you then. And, it's nothing bad about Billy really. You'll see. :)

moleboy said...

actually, it was two episodes later.
I just finished watching.

moleboy said...

I was reminded of a great line from X-Files.
"You shot me, Scully!"

Luke said...

I wonder how will this affect starbuck. Is she going moap about this for a while, or will she shake it off?

Poor Billy. First he gets rejected, then he gets himself shot saving the chick that dissed him.

One more proof that love is hazadous to your helth :P