Thursday, June 08, 2006

Meerkat Manor

Meerkat Manor

So there's the show coming up on Animal Planet called Meerkat Manor.
Now, please note, this is not a single show.
Its a reality series.
We will spend an entire season following a heard? flock? or whatever of meerkats around.
I like meerkats. They are cute and adorable.
But exactly how many episodes can one watch?
"Oh, look, she's standing on her hind legs, again!"
"Hey, watch how they use their hands to eat, again."
I think they'll have to get a little more clever.
Narrarator: Watch, now, as a badger entires the tribe's area.
*shot of badger in cage being released*
Narrarator: The badger delves into the meerkat burrow.
*shot of badger being forced into hole with stick*
Narrarator: This looks like a bad day for our friends.
Thats my kind of show.

Next week, Meerkat Meets Gator!!


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