Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

I loved Knights Of The Old Republic.
A fantastic game, fun characters and dialog, and, of course, great force powers.
More so, you get to be evil.
I loved being evil.
My favorite part?
*inviso text*

making the wookie kill his friend

*end inviso text*

So last weekend, I bought KOTOR II: The Sith Lords.
This game is HUGE! I mean, it just never frickin' ended!
And that was just fine by me. I could never do enough evil.
It did get tiring, though...I mean, you'd finish a good 8 hour session and think, wearily:
But...but tomorrow there is still going to be more evil to do.

I may have to go back and play KOTOR again to really compare the two, but this game
felt more subtle, deeper in many ways. Especially the plot which wove in a good deal
of economics and politics.
The only downside was the ending. The last 'quest' just felt very abrupt, and the ending
was unsatisfying. A quick search shows that Obsidian (the developers) were pushed by
LucasArts to meet an XMas deadline so they cut the ending short, and left out lots of
other material. Apparently the basics for this stuff is still in the code and is being assembled
by people at Team Gizka. I'll be there.

Anyhow, big thumbs up, overall.
I think I'll go play Shadow Of The Colossus.


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