Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Idol: Barry Gibb Is The Antichrist to Ryn Seacrest's Jesus

So, this season is the first time I've watched American Idol from the beginning.
For the most part, I like the format of the show. Specifically, how they use the theme nights. Sure, it was hard for the guys when it was Diana Ross night (I mean, seriously, the woman's singing is legendary, so it would be hard enough to step up, but to try that as a guy? not that fair), but the guys had their chance with Tony Bennet and Bon Jovi.
Anyhow, this week was just stupid.
Barry Gibb?
You want them to sing music that, previously, was sung by a man but almost completely in falsetto?
Of course they all stank that night!
What did you expect?

Oh, and lets face it...
Disco music is BAD MUSIC!
The only reason people argue against this idea is because of nostalgia.
Disco is death.
(I'm pretty sure that the band played the same music for each song)



Anonymous said...

Barry Gibb did a pretty good job of performing on American Idol, though the contestants, for the most part, botched up the Bee Gees. Jordan was the exception, as was Linda Dolittle, at least with her second performance of the evening.

I think most people would like to see the Bee Gees back together, but with Maurice gone, it just wouldn't be the same. I miss the days:

When the Bee Gees were Three
words and music by Dr BLT (c) 2007

Blog n Roll Artist

RetroCrazys said...

WHAT? The Bee gees are one of the most successful acts in the the music industry! Shame on you for saying ANYTHING about Barry, Maurice, Or Robin Gibb! U SUCK!