Thursday, December 29, 2005

Call Of Cthulhu

given my earlier reference to Call Of Cthulhu RPG, I thought I'd give a brief rundown of how THAT game works:
You receive a letter from a friend in south america.
You open the letter.
lose 5 sanity points.
The letter asks you to come down to see something.
You buy a plane ticket.
a moment of clarity comes over you.
lose 12 sanity points because you still get on the plane (somehow with a shotgun in your bag).
Getting off the plane, you are confronted by things man was not meant to know.
lose 15 sanity points.
You'd reach for your gun to shoot but you find yourself running away because you have gone insane (which, actually, is a surprisingly sane thing to do.)
Eventually you get your shit together enough to fire your weapon at the aforementioned 'things man was not meant to know'.
It does nothing.
Go insane.
Having escaped, you find a secret book to help you destroy the monsters.
Unfortunately, you just clawed your eyes out (having gone insane from just opening the book).
On the plus side, your friend didn't read the letter so he hasn't lost quite so many sanity points (whew...where the hell do those things come from anyhow?) so he can read the book and dispell the monsters.
Unfortunately, he then goes insane.
You recover eventually and visit your friend in the sanitarium.
He whispers something in your ear.
(you know what happens now).
3 years later, you are freed from the sanitarium with only a mild urge to fling your own poo.

You receive a letter from a friend in south america.
You burn the letter and scatter the ashes to the four winds.
You move and don't leave a forwarding address.
Fling some poo.


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madpuppy said...

I had the same problem with it. I got the game for Christmas when it first came out, way back in '82 or '83. I was a huge Lovecraft fan at the time, and was fairly salivating at the prospect of playing in his universe. Unfortunately, there were no scenarios, and every one I devised ended with all the characters going insane fairly rapidly. I think we gave up on it by January. It's nice to see nothing's changed.

moleboy said...

I haven't played it since the mid 90s, but I have no reason to believe that the Great Old Ones, nor the malicious bastards who produce the game, have changed