Sunday, February 05, 2006


For years, UPN and WB have been failing to get the massive success that Fox acquired so quickly when it started up. The reason is obvious. With a few exceptions, the Netlets have been running shows that no one else in their right mind would broadcast. Just utter tripe.
I imagine lunches between the programming teams of the two networks:
WB: Hey, look at the crap I've been running!
UPN: You call that crap? I'll show you crap!
Almost as if the whole thing was a dare.
But now, of course, they are ccombining their forces into a new box called CW.
OK, well, the CW is already screwing up.
1) I think that the Cult program would be fascinating and would really play up to the
more media savvy 18-35 year olds (a very tough demographic).
2) Aquaman...jeez...what a frickin' mistake. If I understand correctly, the character IS male, and DOES have underwater type powers, but thats the end of the resemblance to the comic book character. I believe on the show he runs a dive shop. A dive shop. Nexus of heroism. Rumors are that its near the Bermuda Triangle.
Not for nothing, but when you have a go-to plot device like that in there, it doesn't ooze confidence.
Let the adventures begin.
(Oh, and Al Gough has decided that they won't be using the name 'Aquaman' in the title. I suppose the name itself has such little drawing power that it doesn't matter. I believe, though, that DC is worried enough about this disaster-looking-for-a-place-to-happen that they don't want to make the target quite so obvious).

3) And, of course, they'll be getting a new teen drama by Kevin Williamson, the Lord of Dawson's Creek. Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the Entertainment President of the CW (Dawn Ostroff) fell and hit her head on a rotor-tiller because, really, thats the only way she could possibly have come up with such ground breaking decisions.
I mean, seriously. Whats a better plan for two ailing networks combining than to make sure they show the same crap they showed before? Hey, its got to work eventually, right? Kindly forget about the monster successes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If at all possibly, ignore how well Fox has done with the risks it took, those obviously didn't pay off well at all (Simpsons, Married...With Children, etc).

Because, deep down inside, the 18-34 demographic really just wants schlock. I mean, if that weren't true, then the WB and UPN would have been massively popular! Oh, wait...
But, thats really the message we're getting here. If you keep pounding at people with enough of the same stuff over and over, eventually they'll get so bored that they'll watch anything.
Of course, I suppose that makes it as much our fault as theirs.

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