Friday, April 14, 2006

Goths Might Actually Not Be Completely Useless

Being Goth Is Good For Kids???

My psyche won't let me quote this.



Anonymous said...

Eh... Are ninjas considered Goth?

moleboy said...

Ninjas actually do things.
Goths brood and whine.

NeverMoon said...

I am a ninja.

I skulk in the shadows, whip out and kill people at the last minute.

moleboy said...

Skulk, maybe.
Ninja, not so much.
And you have never killed anyone
(at the 'last minute' or any other minute)

you can't even play the bad guy in a video game.

NeverMoon said...

I have killed MANY bad guys.

You don't know about it because ninjas are so secretive.