Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's OK to beg

So, someone just came in with a form to buy pizzas as a fundraiser.
The point was to defer costs for Verizon to keep their DSL costs low so that
people don't go to, say, Comcast cable modems.
Bizarre, isn't it?
I mean, isn't that effectively begging?
Having worked in the non-profit world, I shudder to call this fundraising.

Now, substitute 'Expensive Day Care Provider' for 'Verizon' and 'Double strollers
and Outdoor equipment' for 'DSL'


NeverMoon said...

ok I am VERY confused. One of two things is happening, and your story doesn't make it clear which.

1. Someone is at your workplace asking you to help them pay their bills so that they can stay with their preferred service provider.

2. Verizon is at your workplace asking you to volunteer to pay MORE than you already do in order to subsidize their company against their competitors.

Either way, this makes NO sense.

moleboy said...

you really need to read the whole post.
Note how I said to make a substitution.

NeverMoon said...


Someone at your job was trying to raise money to be able to afford daycare? or the daycare provider was trying to get subsidized by you to pay for their equipment? Which?

moleboy said...

ok, lets take this slowly:
someone at work has their child in day care.
An expensive day care.
The daycare center was trying to raise money to get new outdoor equipment and strollers.

NeverMoon said...


Ok, still makes no sense. That's what their fees are for. free-market and all that.

However, if a co-worker of yours genuinely couldn't afford day care and was begging to help pay for it, you shouldn't make fun of them.

Lastly, if YOUR post is unclear, it is not MY fault. So don't get all snippy.

moleboy said...

my post is very clear.
clean your glasses.
and yes, the whole point of paying for daycare is that the daycare then uses these monies to buy things.
and the person doing the 'begging' understands this is crazy too (but, apprently, there's a guy in the office who likes the pizzas)

NeverMoon said...


Communication issues are almost always 90% the fault of the communicator, and 10% the fault of the communicatee.

I accept my 10%.

NeverMoon said...

And the person begging isn't crazy -- they're decided that the time they spend begging is worth the money they would otherwise spend in increased daycare fees. THAT'S actually the sanest part of it.