Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recent Obsession

sorry for this recent obsession.
Mostly its a fascination with Scientology.
Not because the beliefs are so crazy (though they are...but one has to wonder if those beliefs are any crazier than, say, believing in a man who died and rose 3 days later and, somehow, through this process, cleansed mankind of all sin...), but because it seems to drive people so nuts.
Then again, I can't forget, say, Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell, and so forth...
Outside of the expense of belonging to the Church Of Scientology, can anyone point out a significant distinction between that and Christianity?



Luke said...

I would say the total secrecy thing they practice is a big difference.

Anyone can get access to Bible, and quote or redistribute it freely. But if you quote or redistribute some of the scientology texts they will sue you in England :P

Also if you go to operation clambake website and read some of the personal accounts you can see how scary and cult like their practices are.

For example, Scientologists are said to sometime advise the preclears to do a "disconnect" - ie. sever all contact with their family, friends or lovers. Their theory is that non-scientologists who question the religion will confuse, and distract you, making it difficult to achieve the clear status.

If you read about the audit sessions, they really seem to be interrogations. Scientology auditors use the e-meters like lie detectors - the only difference is that no one knows if and how e-meters work, because their construction is a closely guarded trade-secret. As far as we know, they are just elaborate props.

Priests and preachers may moralize, preach, and even try to scare you into believing. But they do not whip out lie-detectors. They do not frequently interrogate you asking about very personal things (like relationships, familly issues, childhood, sexuality and etc..).

And of course, most Christian denominations do not think that depression and other mental disorders are caused by evil alien spirits (thetans) which reside in your body. Most Crhistian denominations do not prohibit their believers from seeking psychological help, or taking medication.

moleboy said...

all true.
My real point here (which, according to the discussion I'm having about this post on livejournal, I did not convey well at all) is that the basis for the religions
man rising from dead/supernatural being
aliens doing weird things
are both highly improbable, and, really, aliens are more likely than god.
ockams razor