Friday, February 10, 2006

Work I must be doing

I think I need a new project type thing.
The novel died at about 120 pages, but I might pick it up again. At least get to the 50K mark, you know?
I've been thinking about movies of late.
Which might be more than I can muster, attention-wise.
However, I personally don't see a massive difference between writing a movie and writing a comic. You end up with characters, dialoge, a limited framework, and all kinds of blocking and visuals.
(thanks to John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey for the idea)
Maybe a horror thing.
There's been alot of talk of zombies over the past couple years, so I may stay away from that. Before zombies, it was still vampires, wasn't it? Hm.
Y'know, I'm a big fan of evil little kids.
Creepiest things out there, imho.
Soulless little monsters.
Sick desires.
Sick hungers.
No morality.

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